christmas eve

i don’t know if you could find a more perfect place for christmas than bcranc
(that’s my dad’s acnomyn for his house – beaver creek ranch at narnia canyon)
christmas eve it snowed all day long!
Snow on Christmas Eve[3]
these meese came down to say hi almost every morning!
saren and anita and i took a beautiful walk on christmas eve. it just kept snowing and snowing.
photo (49) photo (51)
eliza, grandfather and i went out for a quick cross country ski
and then came back to thaw out and play with babygirl annina by the huge christmas tree.
my mom and i also spent over an hour singing and playing christmas songs around the piano
(with my dad piping in on the bass line on his cello from time to time).
photo (46) photo (36)
we spent the afternoon skyping with family in boston and hawaii and washington dc…
especially excited to see julie’s bump – that breech baby due any day!
photo (60) photo (6) photo (45)
the boys put the finishing touches on their epic snowfort on the deck.
jared and isaac and silas all slept inside one night after christmas!
photo (33) photo (47)
and after night came we had our traditional jerusalem supper.
and nativity reenactment.
IMG_2427 IMG_2435
i think my favourite lifelong christmas memory is singing “away in a manger” and “in a little stable”
around that very basket that we pulled down from the attic at the house i grew up in.
we also sang “silent night” and then opened up the first presents of christmas – pajamas of course.
it was so fun to have so many family members to go through the eyre christmas traditions with.
there’s just nothing like the magic of christmas.


  1. It was so fun to do this again! It's been a few years since we had kids on Christmas Eve! Thanks for engineering that!


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