february 21, 2013

it will never come again. not this day. and even though things in my life right this day feel stressful and angsty and quite grueling, i’m going to enjoy it. the good as well as the bad that is so overshined by the good from five steps back. 


"this is the day which the lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!"
-psalms 118:24 (i added the exclamation point)


  1. I have been reading your blog for a good long while now, and I am always struck by your LOVE of life, and your excitement for it...I wonder how you came to feel that way? How is it possible to be so excited amidst, well, LIFE?! I too love life, but it weighs on me and at times I can't seem to move past the heavy and into the excited.

    I share your beliefs...and I am grateful for the large part they play, but seriously, how come you are SO HAPPY? Share your secret!

  2. Thank YOU! Such a great reminder. I am also having some stress and reading your blog is a bright spot in my day!

  3. Excellent advice. I too am severly bogged down today. But this attitude makes it not seem so overwhelming. Thank you!

  4. You're a wonder! I loved this. xoxo


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