happy valentine’s day!

there are as many kinds of love as there are moments in time” {mansfield park}
i love love.
i love my family.                                      i love my friends all over the world.
photo (8).PNG
photo (18)

        i love god, and his love.              i love the diversity and richness of human experience; i love being alive.
photo (12)
photo (10)

i love the earth and all its contrasts and arrays of beauty.               i love celebrating love.
photo (16)
photo (14)

and this year, for the first time ever, i have a romantic boy to love on love day!
i think it’s going to be the best valentine’s day yet. i hope it is for you, too, no matter what kinds of love you’re celebrating today.
more thoughts on love day here and here.


  1. i've been with you at the places in four of those pictures. just saying. love you!

  2. You didn't mention that you were the little baby in that first picture! Where has that time gone?


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