mountains & beach

i love the bay area so much. it is such a lush place to live.

the boy and i went camping in a redwood grove and spent saturday exploring bits of the santa cruz mountains above pescadero, and then drove down to the town for lunch of goat cheese and artichoke bread, and then drove just a little further west to the sea. mountains and beach – the best of both worlds all in the same day.


i’m in love with the fields of mustard flowers around the town of pescadero, which is just devastatingly charming. we laid in the middle of the field and felt the sunshine from the azure sky.


and then watching the waves surge and crash at the beach and driving home along the coast filled us right up with sea air – which is some kind of lovely elixir for the soul.


i feel like i could never be done exploring this place where i live. the bay area is such a handsome home for me.


  1. You two are beautiful together :) He really seems like a great guy, and you look devastatingly gorgeous and happy with him - I wish you guys all the best!

  2. You look so much like Shawni in that last picture!

    So tell did you meet the boy? How long has this been happening for? Details my friend!

  3. You guys look like you have been taking pictures together for years! I love it! That field is breath taking.

  4. You crack me up with the pic featuring two
    tents !

  5. I also noticed the two tents. Good for you. I've read your posts here and also on your Mom's blog about waiting until you are married. It takes a special person (and a special boy) to stick to your personal moral code.

    Please comment on this - is it ok with "the boy", or is he a little aggravated by it? Do you recommend being alone, especially on overnight trips, to someone trying to remain celibate? No matter how moral you are, you are only human, so best to keep temptation away? Or does that not affect the two of you at all?

    Not trying to be nosy, but I am fascinated by your lifestyle and would love to hear more.

  6. maria, what you've commented about is something the boy and i have talked about extensively, and we are very much on the same page. it's not something i'm ready to talk about on my blog, though, for now.

  7. Um, Sister Eyre, who is this boy? You look lovely together :)

  8. I'm so excited that you have met someone special. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. But when do we get to know his name? LOL

  9. Such beautiful photos, it really is the best of both worlds - forest and seas. Wow!


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