sunday afternoons walking the dish

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“walking (or running) the dish” is a palo altan thing.

there’s this path that curves up the peninsula foothills and around a stanford research research institute radio satellite. the views are spectacular, especially on a clear blue day, and the terrain is hilly enough to be a challenge. everyone calls this spot of earth “the dish” and it is almost constantly crowded with runners and walkers.

{you’ll have to look real close in the pictures above, but stanford’s hoover tower is in the middle of the top one, with the bay in the distance, and today i could even see san francisco’s skyscrapers on the very left of that view. can you spot the dish among the foothills in the lower picture?} i love the landscape around the dish trail – green earth sloping into campus and towns and then the bay on one side, rolling tumbling luxurious hills on the other.

the past few sunday afternoons i’ve walked the dish while talking with a friend or calling family members. it’s been glorious weather every time i’ve gone – slanty afternoon light, bluest skies, hills getting more verdant by the week. january and february in california isn’t half bad.


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