pygmy forest, jagged coast, redwood fern jungle, lighthouse and sunset at glass beach

picture overload from our saturday along the mendocino coast – it was outrageously beautiful! P3169929
we hiked through this ^^ to the pygmy forest boardwalk:
it’s amazing how the different soil type allowed for such different vegetation…
check out the contrast in the height of these trees ^^ to the ones along the boardwalk!
they call this giant sinkhole “the devil’s punchbowl” – the coastline had so many caves and fjords!
P3160105 P3160121
not a bad spot for a lunch picnic in the sun ^^
P3160108P3169988 P3160138
we went back into the redwood jungle to find a waterfall…
P3160130P3160139 P3160140
i loved the surprise color on the underbelly of the clovers along the path!
P3160143P3160147 P3160127P3160153P3160156P3160165P3160175P3160198 P3160216P3160225
we frolicked through meadows overlooking the vast, vast sea,
and scrambled along the rocks and tidepools
a cute little seal came up to say hi!
P3160274P3160300P3160313P3160316 P3160326P3160339

we collected a lot of seaglass at glass beach during golden hour
and, after a series of unfortunate events, ended up in this icky motel 6 room in ukiah, california.

it was a grand adventure. i love those!


  1. Are these all iPhone pics Char? You have some amazing shots in there! So beautiful!

  2. WOW! What a place! What gorgeous photography! To add to Josh's question, is that my camera or your phone?

  3. Credit: Kelsey's camera. Just sayin' :) Love you BABE (best adventure buddy eternally). I'm so blessed to know you.

  4. absolutely beautiful and inspiring scenery. what a gorgeous place you live in!


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