pretty & wise words

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i’m a little obsessed with all the
pretty quote posters i see pinned on
pinterest. i know i’m not the only

this morning i was having a hard
time getting going and not feeling
discouraged about things in my
life. i went right to my board of
pretty & wise words and found
some inspiration.

no matter what, i am in charge of
how i feel about my life, and truth
is  - my life is beautiful.


  1. Thank You I needed to read these this morning

  2. You are so young, yet so wise, Charity. Thank you for being that sunshine in a sometimes dark world. Your blog makes me smile! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for those. I needed that today. I admire you so much, thank you!

  4. I appreciate you & your family's blogs & all that you share :) i enjoy your positive attitude & ideas!


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