the difference…

…between the boy and i…

photo-4 copy photo-5

on friday night we made homemade pizza. for toppings, i chose strawberries, bacon, sweet onion, chicken, and cilantro with a balsamic glaze sauce. the boy chose pepperoni.

opposites attract?


  1. "between the boy and ME"

    Both "the boy" and "me" are objects of the preposition "between."

    You write beautifully! Keep it up!

  2. I cannot believe someone actually felt the need to correct your grammar on this blog. GET A LIFE!

  3. Pepperoni is what the boy and family like. It's a never ending battle. Good luck with him :-)

  4. Strawberries on pizza? I've never heard of that. It sounds strangely delicious.


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