have a great day!


the other day i was crossing the street in the parking lot on the way to my car after work. a woman in a gold car was on her way out and i didn’t notice her until i was right in her way. she stopped quickly for me and without looking up, i waved my hand in a quick “thanks” gesture. i turned toward my car, expecting that she was probably a little annoyed that i had walked out in front of her as she tried to leave at the end of probably a long day at the office. but then i heard a voice from the car and looked over to see a bright, broad smile as she chirped, “have a great day!” out of her open window.

it just made me really happy. and made me want to be the kind of person that uplifts everyone around. sometimes it only takes a second, literally, to brighten the world around us.

thanks, random lady in the gold car! i’m paying it forward – to everyone reading: have a great day!


  1. GREAT IDEA! We're having a great day on a plane on our way to NYC and Boston. Hope yours is great behind the computer too!


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