loveliness under the gazebo

IMG_2235garden dinner partyIMG_2182

it just may have been our most lovely dinner party yet.

to say farewell to summer, brittany and i hosted a fancy little picnic for friends at elizabeth gamble gardens. we set up our table, chairs and spread of yummy eats under the gazebo amidst the flowers. it was an adventure dissembling and reassembling the table, transporting all the food and china safely, and dodging the wedding festivities happening on the other side of the park. passersby were amused and delighted to see our set up, including one employee of the public garden.

it poured all day long until about 4pm, when the clouds parted to sweet blue skies, just in the nick of time. it was so splendid to eat outside surrounded in beauty, enjoying good company and scrumptious treats. it was a winsome, charming, just oh so lovely evening.

IMG_2183IMG_2216IMG_2187 IMG_2202IMG_2208

on the menu:
-green salad with pears, avocado, pecans and cranberry gorgonzola vinegarette – herbed brie, apricot pistachio chevre, and sharp cheddar with rosemary crackers – fresh berries – quinoa salad with tomatoes, cucumber, yellow pepper, and feta – pressed sopressata, mozzarella and pesto picnic sandwiches – honeydrop cookies, homemade macarons and sugar-dusted lady fingers – 

IMG_2191IMG_2194IMG_2211 IMG_2213 IMG_2214IMG_2219IMG_2223IMG_2195 IMG_2196IMG_2203IMG_2239

the splendor of the location and the tastes was amplified by the fantastic company – wonderful, beautiful friends.


yes, perfectly lovely indeed. goodbye and thank you, summer!



  1. Splendid! Every part of this screams "fantastic" to me. Makes me wish I lived closer to you.

  2. Best dinner party ever in the history of the world ever. EVER. Also, I really look like a turtle in that last picture.

  3. Oh how I'd love to be able to experience one of your amazing dinner parties first hand! My mouth waters and my eyes are delighted as I read/look at these posts. What an amazing hostess and cook you are!

  4. I am a newer reader to your blog. This dinner party looks wonderful!

  5. You win the prize. You are magic, pure magic and I am the luckiest person ever that I got an invitation to this. THANK YOU!

  6. Oh my gosh! How perfect! Can I please be invited to your next picnic? ;)

  7. mmmmm, my mouth is watering. Love you!

  8. very nice idea of party in gazebo.


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