the goodness of girlfriends

i am so, so grateful for amazing women in my life that are true, good and fun friends.

last weekend some of us east palo alto girls celebrated brittany’s birthday in the city. the plan was to get some deliciousness from pizzeria delfina and bring it up to twin peaks for a beautiful, sparkly view picnic. well, we got to twin peaks and had an authentic san francisco experience – it was ridiculously foggy, plus the wind was surging and teeny tiny raindrops were flying.

so, naturally, we crammed all seven of us into one car and ate our pizza overlooking the fog, the wind audibly swirling and twirling outside our windows.

photo (33) photo (37)photo (21) photo (20) 

for the first time in a long time, i laughed until tears ran down my face. and then went to bob’s for fresh, pillowy donuts and cartons of milk.

photo (38) photo (39)

i slept over at my dear friend stephanie’s house that night. we stayed up until 2am talking and drinking herbal tea with her roommate (another friend from my san francisco days). those wee hours with good girlfriends are a true joy of life for me.

i woke up in the morning in a city – which made my heart glad. i walked out the door and i was somewhere. i took the train and the bus to north beach and my spirit felt alive. i met up with my sf pledge class for a three-years-in-the-bay-celebration-brunch.

P1011727 P1011730P1011728

there’s nothing we do better together than eat together. we caught up (as per usual, going around the table giving updates), reminisced on the last three years, and talked about how great it is to live in this place. and we also loved on those banana coconut fritters, that deviled egg sandwich and burata tart, some salmon eggs benedict and french toast with broiled peaches.

then we walked through north beach down to the waterfront.

P1011732P1011733P1011736 P1011744P1011739P1011769P1011748

we got ice cream and then sat and laid on the luscious grass in front of ghiradelli square, exchanged more thoughts and soaked up the sun (it was the most glorious of san francisco days), and saw an america’s cup sailing race while we were at it. it’s amazing to think of everything that has happened in the past three years. the four of us will always have a bond from moving to the city the same summer.

P1011756 P1011765P1011771

kelsey and i did some more exploring around the marina and back in her neighborhood, and then i went back to steph’s, hung out with her until we both headed down to palo alto for a party together.

i am so, so grateful for amazing women in my life that are true, good and fun friends.


  1. We all look so happy in Britt's birthday pics. Super fun night.

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  3. Charity, once again I spot another friend in one of your pictures! Denise and I went to Argentina together. . .small world!

  4. So happy to see you having fun with such good people!r


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