bali magic

photo 5-1

because i’m jetlagged and feel like it’s the middle of the day at 12:38am california time, here are some snapshots from the most marvelous week ever in bali with my parents and siblings. it was sublime.

more to come. {these are the few pictures i took; there are many more on siblings’ cameras!}

IMG_0421IMG_0477IMG_0425IMG_0446IMG_0451 IMG_0458IMG_0459IMG_0466IMG_0470 IMG_0489IMG_0480IMG_0483IMG_0484photo 1.PNGphoto 2-1IMG_0507 IMG_0527IMG_0518IMG_0546IMG_0562IMG_0568IMG_0578IMG_0580 IMG_0589IMG_0582 IMG_0592IMG_0596 IMG_0598 2IMG_0601 2IMG_0609 2IMG_0617 2IMG_0630 2IMG_0634 2IMG_0647 2IMG_0658 2 IMG_0685 2IMG_0665 2 IMG_0668 2photo 1-1photo 2-2photo 3-1 photo 4-1photo 3-2


  1. Charity this is just amazing! You got some awesome shots. Some of things that I never saw! What a great camera...along with a great eye! Fabulous! Miss you already!

  2. Magical! What is eating your feet????? I love the monkey picture!

  3. Now I need to add Bali to the bucket list! Fantastic pictures!

  4. Didn't you love the gara ruffa? I thought that it was so wonderfully ticklish.
    The whole trip looks wonderful!

  5. hi Charity! haven't been over here in a long while. as always, your style of writing inspires me and your style of blogging inspires me to blog better!

    sending you great thoughts as I know there's been some tough stuff lately! you seem like a great girl and I've no doubt someone equally great is out there & ready for you. excited to hear about your latest as a teacher, and continual love of the Bay Area! thank you for sharing your stories.

    OH- awesome pictures! Bali seems like a really magical place, and you had some good company :)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  6. these are some AMAZING shots. you have always been a fierce photographer, and the new camera just enhances your eye.

    but, i'm sorry, you might be an even better model than photographer-- I think my very favorite photo of all times is the one of you and your dad getting a fish pedicure!!! please make that your profile photo.

    you rock!

  7. plus, check out those models who photobombed the photo... priceless!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures - you did a good job of taking them, and Bali sure is a magic and beautiful country.

  9. Hi! Long-time reader here... Love reading about all your happy happenings and wanderings. Do you know how I would find the house that your swimming pool yoga photo was taken at? Looking to book it for a vacation with extended family.


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