eleven days! not that anyone is counting, but i have eleven days left of teaching. eleven days until summer. real, pure, total summer. i know i'm going to sob like a baby at graduation and miss my students like crazy...oh sweet sweet baby june 21, i am verrrrrrry excited about you.

it has been a wild school year. there's a lot of relaxing and celebrating to be done starting after eleven school days. i only have 3.5 weeks of summer break, but i sure am going to make the most of my time off. i was going to take some exotic trip abroad, but mostly i just want to chill. so some of my plans include:
-a drive to utah with a day stop in lake tahoe
-reveling in the glory that is summertime in park city
-my ten year high school reunion (is that real? yes, ten years. wow.)
-road trips to arches national park and zion national park
-hiking mt timpanogos
-spending the fourth of july in the best fourth of july spot - provo, utah (seriously!)
-the golden, halcyon days of bear lake with my family
-a visit to island park, idaho
-blogging, reading an actual book or two, sleeping, journaling, organizing
-riding a bike around bear lake
-spending time with loved ones without a trillion teaching things on my mind

i mean, i was excited for summer when i was a student. but i couldn't have imagined how excited i would be for summer as a teacher! 



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  2. Sounds like an awesome summer you have coming! I remember thinking as a kid that teachers don't really get excited for the end of school, because they're teachers, so of course they must love school and never want it to end. ha ha!

    Love reading your adventures and love of life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So happy that, even though this has been an incredible experience of stretching to the limit, you have figured out that if you can do this, you can do anything. Of course I always knew that! LOVE YOU!


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