we did it! we made it to the end of the year, these thirty eight 8th graders and i.
(two were missing for cap & gown pictures)

yes, i've super been looking forward to this day - when these three months of craziness would end - so so much. but sheesh, i miss these kids tremendously already. aren't they just the cutest thing you've ever seen? i am so proud of them as my students and as my friends.

the last day of school was pretty special. we wrote our dreams and goals on yellow balloons and sent them up into the wide blue sky, we signed yearbooks and reflected on things we have learned (toasting to a great year with some jamba juice). we got in a big circle and shared appreciations for each other, and many sweet genuine tears were shed. my heart was a big ole puddle. i was the last to share an appreciation, and this is what i told my students:
when i was asked to take over teaching the 8th grade class, i was incredibly overwhelmed. i had to make a lot of sacrifices and work so so so hard. but oh my goodness! what an honor and a privilege it has been to be this group's teacher. i am pretty confident i learned more from them than they learned from me. and i will forever, forever cherish the opportunity i had to be a part of the family that these exceptional students created.
the kids showed me more respect and attention than ever as i got all misty thanking them for these amazing three months. our classroom was truly full of love. it was a moment i'll never forget.

and then it was a scramble to get everything prepared for our graduation ceremony, and the students went home and returned ready to graduate. we met in our classroom one last time. 

and then the cafeteria filled up with friends and family and it was go time -- the summation of so many adventures and so much hard work; the grand celebration of the first graduating class from alpha public schools. i was honored to speak at graduation, and i was so very proud of the students who gave amazing speeches to represent their classmates.

by the time my students began walking across the stage to receive their diplomas, my face hurt so bad from smiling. 8th grade graduation seems like not that big of a deal to many, but for my students it was momentous - a big step towards doing what many of their family members have never done: graduate from high school and go to college. i was just so incredibly proud to read the names of these awesome kids as they proudly took that step. 

we ended the ceremony by doing our class cheer one last time. these students have really become a little family, and it was the perfect way to finish things off cheering loud together. the celebrating continued with refreshments and congratulation-giving outside.

i love my twins! and have built a great relationship with their fantastic mom over the past few months.
these two were definitely my loudest students. i didn't think i'd ever say this...but i'll sure miss hearing their voices everyday!

i love how awkward this picture looks. some of my very favourite boys.

it was such a beautiful, celebratory, triumphant, sweet, special day. 


  1. Oh Charity! I am misty eyed just reading this. Your heart bursts with love. How blessed these children are to have had you as their teacher. You will be "that" memorable one who saw them for who they were as individuals and nurtured their individual gifts and talents when they were not yet able to see them. You are a treasure and I wish there were more teachers who pour themselves into teaching and learning as much as you do. You are the spark that inspires and motivates not only students but all those around you as well. You have done a stellar job these past three months. Thank you for taking me along on the ride with you and helping me stop and recognize the precious moments in my life. I hope you have an amazing summer celebrating not only the past but the present of each day and exciting future ahead! You R-O-C-K, Ms. Eyre!!
    Suz from SoCal

  2. Awesome teacher
    Awesome daughter!

  3. Congratulations! You look so pretty and happy in these pictures! Your students were so lucky to have you! Have.a great summer!

  4. Love this post as a former teacher to now mother of students it touched my heart in many ways.

    Love your dress....where is it from?

  5. Such a great post! Reminds me of my last day of 8th grade when we my homeroom huddled together and all shared what our class and teacher meant to us. And we switched classes for every subject! I can't imagine the bond your class must have had! I'm sure your students will treasure the time they had with you as their teacher!

  6. You are amazing. I have loved hearing about your journey with this kids! Your students are lucky to have you.

    But just a note of concern, do you have permission to publish these photos publically on your blog? :( I know if it was my kid I wouldn't want that.

  7. thanks for the concern! all students and their parents have signed a media release and are fully aware that school staff may post pictures on the internet :)


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