twenty eight

i've been so wildly busy at school that i nearly forgot i was turning a year older this week! june 12 felt swallowed up in the craziness of the end of the school year, but i made sure to do a few things to celebrate being alive and having another year to experience mortality on this glorious planet. and as i prayed to god last night i gave so many thanks for all the fullness and blessings and challenges and opportunities of the last twenty eight years.

my students sang to me (twice!) and were quite well behaved just as a little gift :) after school i went on a beautiful run in the perfectly lovely tree-lined streets of palo alto, and then to dinner at my favourite restaurant with my admirer. after, several of my best girls met at my neighbors' house to celebrate with cake and friendship. since i've been so consumed with work the past few months, all i really wanted for my birthday was some time with my amazing girlfriends. the incredible melinda made the most gorgeous coconut cake and it was dreamy to catch up with everyone. my heart was so very full when i came home to grade and sleep.

life is really beautiful and i am very happy to be alive. 


  1. is admirer code for new boyfriend? :)

  2. Happy Birthday Charity! Looks like it was a great one!

  3. Hi, here's a fun fact: your birthday, June 12th, is Valentine's day in Brazil :)
    I can already sense love in the air... <3
    Happy birthday!


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