on the way to the airport

after our second family reunion, the boy and i had to go to different places for the first time in nearly a month. he was going onto an extended family reunion at yellowstone and i went back to work in san jose (boooohoooo).

good thing we saw some pretty spectacular sites on the drive to the pocatello airport or else that journey would be very melancholy!

mesa falls – can you believe it?!?:IMG_1847IMG_1851IMG_1858

and then we’re driving, come around the corner, and bam! this:IMG_1864IMG_1865IMG_1868

and i nearly forgot about the gorgeous sites we passed on our way from bear lake to island park in between reunions! we took the scenic route through jackson hole (a place that holds many childhood memories for me – my family went there pretty much every autumn growing up) and teton national park (majestically beautiful – oh my!).


the earth is awesome. i mean, especially the mountain west, right?! – sheesh!


  1. So glad you got to soak in Idaho beauty!! And a late congratulations on your engagement! :). It's fun to see my neck of the woods on your blog!

  2. Wait...Pocatello has an airport? Get out!

  3. So fun to see what happened after you left! You already knew that Idaho was gorgeous right? Hello...Montpelier!

  4. Those are some really cool insights. Glad you managed to keep tabs on them on the way to the airport. There's something about luxurious travel that helps ease your mind and soul into absorbing what the universe has to offer. Whether go there on your own car, or you go on a taxi, it's alright. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts! All the best to you!

    Sabra Divis @ Yellow Taxi St. Petersburg


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