this blog–and a triple dog dare

i’m excited to show off this blog’s neat new design, courtesy of love grows design. bethany was a pleasure to work with, and even though i was pretty spacey through the design process (teaching, traveling, engaging) she patiently created a look that i super like! there’s a few blank places to fill in and kinks to work out still – we’ll get there :)

i started blogging about seven years ago, as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my college life on the east coast. and since then, this little space i’ve claimed on the internet has grown into something pretty fantastic, i think. i have been humbled, amazed and delighted to hear from readers all over the world and to have the opportunity to share the beauty that i see in mortality (especially the parts that don’t seem so beautiful at first). the connectivity of today’s world is truly marvelous.

the positive responses that i’ve received around this blog make we want to spread that positivity as far as possible. so today, with this pretty new look, i triple dog dare you to help me spread by sharing. link to your favourite post on facebook/twitter/your own blog, pin a post to pinterest, tell a friend. and if you’re interested in guest posting here about what you are dripping with passion about, email me at charityeyre at gmail dot com.

with this fresh new look, i’m hoping to make this corner of the internet more abundant, earnest, vivid, and useful. some things that are coming up: thoughts about feminism and diversity; guest posts from the boy; realizations learned from wedding planning; travel and adventure sharing and tips; a continuation of the heartbreak series - lessons about healing, forgiveness, openness, miracles, and true tough love.

gosh, life is beautiful. it’s pretty awesome to be able to share.

p.s. here’s my two new mottos going into a new week – i’m too blessed to be stressed!
appreciate love more


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  2. I'm totally digging your new blog layout!! Way cute and fun!!

  3. I totally agree with your two new mottos for the week. The first one, expect nothing, appreciate everything, is so important to me. We do what we do because it is who we are, not to get anything in return. That is unconditional love. That is charity.

  4. Love your list and love that we all are about the size of ants now so it doesn't really matter what we look like :)!

  5. Oops, that comment was intended for another post. Love your new look and your perpetual optimism!


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