planning, planning

my life has sort of been consumed by wedding planning. we are having several celebrations, and there are so many details, and so many choices, and so many options for every choice! but also, my life can't be consumed by this, because there's still so much else going on! it's a peculiar feeling to want time to slow down so we have more space to make plans but simultaneously want time to speed up so we can get to the exciting day and start our lives together. i don't think i'll ever feel this particular brand of mortality again, so i'm doing my best to chose to relish it, even when things feel really stressful. cutting through all the to-dos, i constantly remember how grateful my heart is. 

a few things i am learning from planning a wedding:

-just make a decision and decide it's the best decision. stop considering other options. the stress of everything being just right is not worth it. i have to decide that it is just right! i think this is a really valuable lesson for me to learn for my life in general.

-weddings are expensive!!! and tradeoffs are difficult, but valuable.

-even thought it's the day i've been waiting for and dreaming up my whole life, nothing actually matters. except that i am marrying someone that i love infinitely and trust fiercely.
there's another life lesson: only the stuff that really matters really matters.

-i am more in love with the boy every single day. we think about things so wildly differently, and we have dissimilar priorities on some (doesn't-really-matter) stuff. we are learning how to be together. it's hard and also really really awesome. 


  1. Don't forget number three! At our wedding there were things that went wrong, but I hope I will never forget the feeling of love and peace running through me during the actual ceremony.

  2. Charity, your photos are gorgeous, and your faith, hope and hard work are inspiring.
    On vacation recently, we met a very lovely and nice Polish girl (about age 20) who is working at a cafe in the US for the summer, and would like to travel a little in the states(by bus)before returning to university in Poland.
    I encouraged her to visit Utah, and since we have family in Provo, will find a place where she can stay for a few days.
    It would be so fun for her to visit San Francisco also. Do you by any chance have any friends who could host her for a day or two?
    Please excuse this bold question, since we've never met, but I just thought I should ask you, since you have so many girlfriends.

  3. Would love to know where you got your green dress and white lace dress. Beautiful pictures!

    The wedding photographer at our reception 9 years ago botched all the wedding photos, so we had to re-stage the wedding reception 2 months later and re-take all the photos. By then I had a brother who had left on a mission, and a baby niece who had been born. Luckily our temple pictures turned out so we didn't have to retake those. We look back on it now and laugh all the time.

  4. How did you make Ian's suit lavender when it's really tan? Amazing!

    What a stunning couple, in for the treat of your lives!

    Love you both!

  5. Actually I think it's gray. Beautiful places and beautiful people!


  6. Wow, the last picture- it deserves every positive adjective for appearance there is!

  7. YES! Please post where you got the green dress and lace dress- my daughter has been searching far and wide for a dress exactly like that lace one! AND WOW you two are stunning and the joy is evident! Best wishes!

  8. thanks for the kind comments!
    the green dress i borrowed from a friend, but it is from dress barn.
    the cream lace dress i got from downeast basics.


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