beach boardwalk celebration

holy cow! the last week has been totally crazy (hence the not blogging). lots of busyness at work, wedding planning frenzy (more on that later), and all the complexities of moving -- phew! 

last night was my first night sleeping in the apartment the boy and i will share after our wedding, and despite the fact that i was surrounded in boxes and the place is in serious need of a deep clean, it felt so good and felt already like home. i am very excited about starting our life together. 

the other day as i was driving home from work, a million things buzzing through my head, i just had a stop-in-my-tracks moment remembering that so many of my fondest, deepest dreams are coming true - in more beautiful ways that i could have ever hoped for. i smiled wildly and widely all the way home, with totally tickling giddiness in my tummy. 

last week, before the boy and i headed to utah for a huge labor day weekend o' wedding planning, we went to the santa cruz beach boardwalk to celebrate the boy's successful dissertation defense. that's right folks, he is now pretty much officially doctor the boy....the boy, phd. 

we rode the giant dipper old rickety roller coaster, the log ride, the swings (my favourite), the ferris wheel and the sky coaster. there's just something so romantic about sharing a seat with the boy i love.


  1. This is adorable! Can I just say...I LOVE, love!

  2. Congrats to the boy on his award, that's brill.:)

    Wow, 1 month to go until the big day!!! I expect you're both getting excited etc.

    If possible please could you let me know who you remember in Reading ward/stake? I'd love for them to send you some good luck messages on here.

    May Heavenly Father watch over you & your special boy as you prepare for you wedding day - together forever.:)

    Best wishes
    Bracknell ward, Reading England stake.

  3. We are so thrilled for "the boy" to have accomplished such an amazing feat! No one will ever know how much time and effort and girt that took to accomplish! Hoorah!


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