i am so excited

the other day, i found myself in the middle of a vortex of pure excitement...

i was just feverish thinking about all the happy things ahead, starting of course with I AM GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! the excitement tornado whirled with i-just-know-they-are-going-to-be-oh-so-lovely wedding details, the tickling joyful anticipation of seeing my family and friends, envisioning tender and sacred and beautiful moments at different wedding events, looking forward to celebrating in texas and california without having to worry about any of the details, the small satisfying victories of our new apartment coming together, the soonness of living with my best friend who is also my lover, oh my gosh i think my wedding dress is so pretty, a lineup of plane tickets to kauai for a belated honeymoon and the east coast for christmas, discussions about where we are going to live next and future adventures, and oh yeah, remember how the autumn and then the holidays are coming??? i am excited to get on a plane for our wedding, to walk hand in hand to the salt lake temple with the boy on the morning of october ninth, to run away with him that night, to be surrounded by the people that we love most and have overflowing gratitude for, to dance and eat macarons at our wedding reception, to come home to our apartment together, to stock our kitchen with wedding gifts, to wake up to my favourite person every day, to start our colorful, devoted life together. i also can't wait to have breakfast with my sisters the morning of our wedding, and to take pictures with my bridesmaids, and to get my hair done, and to run through a tunnel of sparklers and gosh just a million other things that i could spend all night listing. i am just so so so so so excited. in that intense whirlwind of excitement, and other amazing slivers of time, i feel so happy that i'm all melty and molten and almost dizzy. i mean, the last few months of two thousand fourteen are going to be really fantastic. i never want to forget those buzzes of pure, pure, pure excitement - i don't that particular brand will ever come again.

now - on to sending positive vibes to the universe that there will be good weather our wedding weekend. please, please, please. i just remembered that movie i loved seeing last year, about time (highly recommended). it starts pouring on their wedding day, and the bride throws her head back, laughs and just loooooves it, and then all the guests have a genuinely excellent time getting soaked. later, she says she wouldn't change a thing about the day. i'm feeling pretty confident that i will be able to embrace whatever kind of disasters come along on the celebration days (surely there will be some), but i'm not sure i'd be quite as good at relishing the rain as that bride! please be the loveliest - crisp but balmy - autumn day...pretty please!

it's the final countdown! i feel a little crazy...but mostly in a good way.
the future is exciting. yeah!

{artwork by ian coyle and edubarba}


  1. I love this & am so excited for you.

    The thing I got most excited about was running through a tunnel of sparkers.!!! I've never heard of that & it sounds brill.:)

  2. CHARITY! This is awesome! Over-the-moon excited for you, sweet girl!

  3. Seriously. So excited for you!! It's going to be wonderful no matter what!

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey. Please keep us up to date on every detail! I love reading your experience and it gives me such joy to read. I am your parents followers since my kids were little---1977 the first!Now following their baby is soooo fun!

  5. Your enthusiasm is oozing from this post. I love it! The best marriage/life advice I received was the day before our wedding a neighbor friend said to me, "Don't forget how you feel RIGHT NOW. Because three kids and a mortgage later those memories sometimes get fuzzy." Such good advice,even/especially 18 years later. I LOVE that you have your thoughts permanently recorded for those days when they will seem a "fuzzy memory." Best wishes! I loved receiving your invitation and can't wait to see the delightful reception it is sure to be. xx

  6. To say that it rained on our wedding day doesn't begin to cover it - our reception wound up going long as the roads around our venue were closed due to flooding. However we made it work and it was fantastic, plus we got a light show from the heavens that no amount of money could purchase!

  7. It's going to be perfect...no matter what!


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