my other moms

last saturday was such a wild and super day - i spent it running from appointment to appointment in salt lake city: hair, dress fitting, catering tasting, etc etc. it was busy and exciting and crazy fun.

the highlight of the day was attending a shower thrown in my honor by the women of the church congregation i grew up in. i've been going to "ward showers" for fellow church members with my mom since i was a little girl, and at last, it was my turn!

these women helped raise me in so many ways - they are like my other moms. through countless primary (program for young children) lessons and young women (youth program) activities, i've learned so very much from the examples of these faithful, bright, serving ladies. they've influenced me for good in a million ways, and i am so grateful! i've also been so positively impacted by their daughters, some of whom were at the shower too.

the food was scrumptious, the yard was so lovely, and it was just so much fun to catch up and share excitement. the boy and my dad came at the end, and we all left with faces aching from smiling.

my mom and my "mid-moms" - eileen and sara's daughters teddy and jane were my besties when we were toddlers and we have such a special bond.
teddy moved away by the time we were six or seven, but we will always have dear places for each other in our hearts. so glad she and her mom could come to the shower for a few minutes! and on the right you can see that my dad loves this stuff. he's always up for crashing a shower full of awesome women and yummy food!

the boy got a little grilled by my other moms :) 

i'm so grateful.


  1. your joy is contagious! i just love and appreciate you for sharing it here so openly ~

  2. nice page and post. please visit back for walking :D

  3. I second the shoe love! They're so cute!

  4. Many congratulations to you both (seriously- even as a stranger I can tell how happy you are. Its lovely)- but 4 bridal showers!?! Good grief! As a not-married person who doesn't really understand the whole hooplah about weddings, I can't help but think how excessive it is to have FOUR parties to celebrate the fact're going to have a party. And then aren't you having 3 parties (receptions/dinners/open houses) after that? Geez Louise, weddings are getting completely out of hand!

  5. Want to share the best advice about marriage that you've gotten at these showers? I'd love to hear.

  6. I think it's great all of the bridal showers that you are having! Every little bit helps in starting a new life together. Besides, it just shows what a positive and caring person you and your Boy are to have so many people that want to celebrate with you guys! Awesome!

  7. The bridal showers are not about getting stuff. If you noticed the guests are different people in her or her mothers life. Not unlike having a work shower and family shower. Also remember her family, work and his family are all in different states. I think it's regional. People give towels and then gift cash at the reception. Some may not make it to the other state to go to the reception so this is their one chance to wish her well.


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