for just a few days after our wedding celebrations, we relaxed and reveled at the montage resort in deer valley (just up the road from my parent's home/our reception venue). it was such a perfect spot for our quick little honeymoon (we are also going to kauai in november!). since it was the off-season, there was hardly anyone there so we got the benefits of lots of amenities and the feeling of seclusion. we got hooked up with a pretty sweet suite and it was super fun to have a bit of luxury and lots of uninterrupted time together.

we took a grand total on one picture together and just a couple other pictures of our view...
but we had a truly fantastic time.

we woke up our first morning and opened the drapes and were blown away by the majesty of the view.

we had amazing breakfast via room service every morning (came with our room).
we chattered on and on and on about how perfect everything was at the wedding and how grateful we felt to all our family and friends.
we went to a morning yoga class together and were the only people in the class!
we explored the resort: pools and hot tubs, fire pits with complimentary fancy s'mores, a super delicious restaurant, and stunning grounds and common rooms.
we went to dinner one evening in park city and strolled up and down charming main street sipping hot chocolate.
we woke up our second morning and it was snowing!! it was super romantic, cozy and beautiful. i was totally giddy about it.

{after the morning snowstorm}
we sat by our fireplace in our robes and ate food that bridesmaids had packed up from the reception and lots of other treats that people had put in our getaway car.
we attended church together and happened to see my brother and his family there! it was actually super fun to talk to them after sacrament meeting...we had been dying to debrief with someone other than each other!
we drove along guardsman pass - it was so so so golden and gorgeous and yep, we didn't even take one picture. we were pretty deliriously happy and in love.
we took a really pretty (but also muddy!) hike around the canyons ski resort under blustery clouds and surrounded by colorful foliage.
we rode the ski lift and then cruised down the alpine slide and then tried the alpine coaster at park city mountain resort - it was really really fun.

i think actually the best time i had on our little honeymoon though was when it was over, which is weird, i know. it was just so so fun to come home to our tiny little apartment together. the boy carried me across the threshold, because, we had to, right? and to not have to say goodbye like we have so many nights in our regular lives -- ah! just the best. it was tough to go back to work so soon after the wedding, but everyday life being married is way more fun than i expected. sure, there's a lot of adjustments to make but for the most part it's just sooooooo good.


  1. Congratulations Charity! You look absolutely radiant and so happy! Looked like a beautiful wedding and honeymoon!

  2. I remember that same feeling when we came home from our honeymoon. I kept thinking, this is SO convenient! It's really great to not have to say goodbye every night and drive back to a lonely apartment by yourself. Oh, marriage! Congrats girl, you two are so great!

  3. I can completely relate -- we left our honeymoon earlier than expected in order to get home to the sweet new home we had purchased, a new dog, and the beauty of fall in our home state. It was the best!!!! Enjoy the every day and the little beauties (and frustrations!) of marriage! It's a splendid thing -- nothing better.

  4. The boy has the wedding glow but isn't glowing nearly as bright as you :) Congratulations!! Kara

  5. Perfect! The awesome thing about it is, it doesn't matter where "home" is physically, because when you're with the one you love most- you are always home.
    So happy for you two.

  6. My husband and I only have one picture from our honeymoon, too. I think that's a sign of a good honeymoon! ;) Congrats on your beautiful new marriage! Enjoy every minute!

  7. good luck.....you are going to need it!

  8. People say the first year is the hardest but it wasn't for us. Our first few years were quite blissful. Eighteen years later things are still really wonderful just much more complicated with 5 kids and life.

  9. Congratulations Charity I am truly inspired by your lovely writings Thank you

  10. congratulations! i feel so very happy for you. but i have a question for you - now that you two are married, can your sweet man be called by name here, rather than 'the boy'? (which is as adorable and endearing as can be, btw!) so glad everything was 'perfect' for your perfect day. we (your blog family) are also anxious to see more pics!

  11. Awesome to see this! LOVE you both!

  12. This was an evening event, so the setting was nice, warm and welcoming. The floors were dark wood with iron chandeliers above, leather club chairs and benches.


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