intermission: being married

i'm gonna take a little break in wedding posting to write about life since the wedding! being married is challenging in ways that i couldn't have anticipated, but it is also waaaay more fun than i could have imagined. i absolutely love living with the boy and he is by far the best roommate i've ever had. truly, every single morning when i wake up and he's next to me it makes me so deeply happy. at least twice a day we emphatically tell each other how glad we are that we live together in our teensy tinesy, kind of run down studio apartment. we are still sorting through and unpacking things here and there, and the walls are still bare, but it really feels like home and we really love it.

every day, we wake up early to exercise, read scriptures, pray and eat breakfast together. i'm certainly not a morning person, but i am really adoring our married mornings. we went to the id office on campus together our first week married and got me a stanford "spouse" card which gets me into the fitness center, so we trade off running and going to the gym. some of our daybreak runs through our tree-lined neighborhood have been lit up with spectacular sunrises and/or lush spots of autumn foliage. there's just something so satisfying and wonderful about getting ready for the day side-by-side (almost literally a lot of the time - our place is super small!) and so fantastic about sharing spiritual insights as we breakfast together at our little kitchen table.

it's been fun to get back into cooking, and to have someone to cook for! coming home to each other and having dinner together is almost as fun as waking up next to each other. i like to cook and the boy likes to do dishes, so we are a good team. the dancing and kissing in the kitchen is also fun.

in our first week, we picked up a couch (it's actually a small settee) that we decided to use cash-wedding-gift funds on and we are both a little obsessed with it. it's so pretty! the other day we sat next to each other on our beloved navy tufted couch while the boy worked on job applications and i flipped through the book that my mom made for me throughout my life and gave to me at our family dinner the day before our wedding (lots more on this treasure of treasures soon). all the love and memories and realizations of a beautiful, beautiful life came off the pages and made my eyes leak a little, feeling so grateful sitting next to my true love in our little house.

i've gone on a little "wedding hiatus" from my no-sweets-except-for-on-holidays thing. and by little i mean kind of big. it's just that we were on our honeymoon, and then we had our texas and california receptions, and then it was halloween, and i just figured after being so good about being healthy i'd really like to have some sweets in celebration of marriage :) we definitely took two trips to yougurtland (our favourite) in one week, and enjoyed ice cream after dinner several times, and shared quite a few bags of skittles. november brings a new healthy beginning!

the boy is really good at bringing me flowers often, but he certainly got a break after our palo alto reception because we had soooo many left over flowers all over our apartment. i loved scattering them around our bedroom and kitchen and even outside our front door. i couldn't stop exclaiming how beautiful they were! and then when we were both gone for the weekend, i had to throw most of them away (i kept any that were still perky and gave them to a friend).

for family home evening last monday, we carved pumpkins together! i've always loved this tradition, but i don't think i've ever been proud of my carving job. not my forte. but doing this together was so fun for both of us! the boy is super good at getting all the pumpkin guts out. we turned on music and enjoyed popcorn and cranberry juice to celebrate the season. and took some pictures with the polaroid camera we used at our wedding. the boy was giving a presentation at a university and i was on an airplane on halloween, so this was most halloweeny we got...i'm determined to have killer couple costumes next year :)

life is kind of crazy because the boy is super busy with his work and we are wrapping up a lot of wedding stuff and getting married is really a huuuuge life adjustment in a lot of ways! but the good blows away the bad. i am sooooo excited to spend the holidays with my husband!


  1. So happy for you, pretty lady. You make me excited to get married, and have shown me how important it is to wait for that right boy. Thanks for being a great example and for bringing light into my life!

  2. you are the cutest. just the absolute cutest.

  3. Being married is fun and hard all at the same time. I'm so thankful for eternal covenants that help me keep things in perspective. Have fun now because things sure change once kids come and real life takes hold. Enjoy this time when all is fresh and blissful. We love you both.

  4. Seriously? No picture of the beloved new couch? Yer killin' us here! ;-)

  5. Love it! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  6. You are wonderful and I'm loving hearing all about your joyful, loving wedding celebrations.

    I just wanted to share my approach to the sugar monster. I go cold turkey Sunday through Thursday (sometimes I have a bit of sugar on Sunday). On Friday and Saturday I allow myself sugar. I'll either buy a PIECE of cake (or whatever treat I want) or offer to bake for RS or scouts and sent most of it out of the house and keep a piece or two for myself. It really works. I never cheat and know that I have the weekend to look forward to and will get the sugar I sometimes want during the week. I've done this for over 20 years and have kept my weight stable and am 10 pounds under what I weighed when we married. Of course when I was pregnant or nursing I was more relaxed, but this really works. I work out 3 or 4 times a week and that helps too. Mainly I just want to keep my mind clear and healthy and this seems to be what works for me. I'm all about approaching life healthy, but realistically. And my husband LOVES that I'm always so darn excited that it's Friday!!!

  7. Isn't it the best to say husband? You two are the cutest together!

  8. Not sure if you want to, but i'd love to hear more about the adjustments and challenges of marriage you both are currently facing? My partner and I are beginning to talk about marriage and would love more insight into the challenging side of it. Thank you :)


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