texas reception


the weekend after our wedding, the boy and i flew down to texas to celebrate with friends of the wright family in his hometown. my amazing angel mother-in-law put together such a pretty party in the backyard, and it was a really beautiful evening. my mom and dad came from utah, and it was really fun for the three of us to meet people that knew the boy when he was a little, childhood friends and teachers and youth leaders, and many folks whose lives were greatly impacted by his parents.

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^^ my mother-in-law asked me my colors soon after we got engaged and then gathered and made all these decorations.she was so so so kind and amazing to put on this event (we just showed up!) ^^
photo 4 (2)DSC_0028 photo 5 (1)DSC_0018photo 5DSC_0026 DSC_0036IMG_2217DSC_0031
i’m so sad we don’t have a picture of the boy’s dad!
DSC_0044 DSC_0053
                                                         these cute girls took polaroids of all the guests to add to our guestbook^^
IMG_2220 DSC_0046
^^ we showed our wedding video and guests loved getting a peek into the big day
DSC_0080 IMG_2222DSC_0096
^^ my bridesmaid jane drove from houston with her husband trace! it was so great to have them there! ^^

after the party, we stayed up real late cleaning up and then unwrapping presents, the boy and i sitting on the ground and a set of parents on each couch. we were all very chatty and glad and relaxed and very happy.

we are pretty lucky to have been able to celebrate - and wear our wedding clothes! :) – on multiple days in multiple places. our texas and california receptions were much smaller and simpler (and much less work!) than the events in utah, but so much fun (in a very different way!). we are sooooo blessed.

photo 4 (3)
^^ the boy did an excellent job fitting wedding presents in our suitcases to bring home to california! ^^


  1. I love the swing photos!! You look so exquisite! I love reading about your wedding! Makes me think about my special day back in August! Life is so much sweeter being married! I love it! Hope you're having fun!! :)

  2. Have I yet congratulated to your wedding? I've been reading everything.
    Anyway, congratulations! It seems to have been an amazing celebration and I wish you all the best!
    I also think that your mother-in-law seems very considerate when she asked for the colours.
    And I think you should upgrade the boy to the husband. :-)

  3. Sorry, might be double commenting here, not sure if my comment went through. I think its so awesome you married someone from the town where I graduated high school. His family was in another ward so didn't know them that well. Sorry I missed your reception here. Our little guy was too eager to be born! :)

  4. Thanks for posting so many of these awesome pictures that I don't have. Hope you don't mind if I steal them for my blog post about the Texas Reception. So glad you're ahead of me! That was SO much fun@ It was such a treat to meet so many people who adore that family and especially Ian.. I think we hit the jackpot on the Stellar Wright family!

  5. Totally agree you hit the jackpot with the Wrights! Love them and so sad we couldn't make it to meet you! But it looks like it turned out perfectly! Your mother-in-law is super amazing and I'm sure they are thrilled to have you in their family!

  6. What a magical wedding it was!! Thanks dear for posting these amazing photographs. I am glad that you selected Texas for your wedding. The Texas event locations are just perfect to have extremely beautiful destination wedding.


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