there’s so much celebrating to be done and merriment to be had! this past week has ben fullll of christmasy festivities, and now school’s out and christmas vacation is here!! the boy and i are trying to bundle up in preparation for our whirlwind east coast tour (we’re going to columbus, pittsburgh, new york city and boston – two days each!) and in the meantime i am  soaking up all the cheer and joy and mirth in the christmastime air.

last wednesday, michelle, kelly and i went to the nutcracker! i haven’t missed a year seeing the san francisco ballet perform this most magical of ballets since i moved to the bay area. i absolutely adore the nutcracker, and especially sf’s version, and most especially the snow scene, which always makes me tingly all over and misty in the eyes.

unfortunately it was raining hard that night, and it took michelle and i two hours to get to the city. we missed almost the entirety of the first act before intermission, but as we scurried into the opera house and up the elevator to our seats, i had high hopes that we hadn’t missed the snow scene. we walked into standing room right as clara and the nutcracker entered the stage and the snow started falling. ahhhh, i was so excited. and the second half is the best half anyway :)


on thursday, brittany and i got together to
make a buche de noel (or yule log – but
doesn’t the french name sound oh so lovely?) because we like christmas, and baking, and nutella creme filling and pretty things. it
turned out beautifully! and while it was
cooling, we went to some street in san
carlos that brit had heard had amazing light displays. the decorations were pretty epic,
and we just had a really great time walking
up and down the street chatting and
admiring. IMG_5868IMG_5870 IMG_5872IMG_5873IMG_5877

on friday night we had the sister missionaries over for dinner. i was so excited to make a semi-fancy and quite christmasy meal, and i’d been planning it out for weeks! we had applesauce pork, herbed cream potatoes, crispy green beans with almonds, butternut squash with cranberries and feta, sparkling cider, and of course, buche de noel! we also popped open some little christmas crackers and shared thoughts about the greatest gift – our saviour jesus christ.

IMG_3126 IMG_3131IMG_3138 IMG_3140

saturday night was our ward christmas party. i was on the committee of people asked to plan and orchestrate the party, and it was quite the adventure. our ward is huge, and we planned for about 350 people. after a series of weekly planning meetings starting back in early november, the big day came and the event was wonderful. i was on my feet decorating, arranging and distributing for five straight hours…and everything turned out very well and happy. after dinner and visits with santa, we had a fun little program, sang silent night all together and prayed to thank god for his only begotten son. then, the cleanup party was almost more fun than the party itself – tons of people stayed to help, cheerful and bright, and the church was cleaned up and ready for sunday speedy quick.

IMG_6001IMG_6003IMG_6007IMG_6014IMG_6015 IMG_6020IMG_6018 IMG_6017IMG_6026

some unpictured festivities:
-date night gathering groceries and toys for a couple needy families and dropping packages off on their doorsteps – both the boy and i love doorbell ditching like that!
-late night gift shopping at target and discussing traditions we’d like to keep or start in our new little family
-my work holiday party at the children’s discovery museum in san jose – i loved introducing the boy to my new coworkers, and he loved playing with the displays!
-snuggling each night in bed by our twinkly tree and reading a few pages of a christmas carol before falling asleep

can’t believe it – only five more sleeps until christmas!


  1. I love love love your boundless enthusiasm for life, and your kindness in opening up your life to others!

  2. I love your dress in the first photo. Where's it from?

  3. Charity - what is applesauce pork? Sounds delicious. Would you ever be willing to post a recipe?

  4. There never seems to be enough time to get all the Christmassy stuff in- but you're doing a pretty good job! Glad to hear the SF Ballet's nutcracker is a good one- I'm looking forward to going when my boys are a little older. So fun to see pics of Eucalyptus Street! (I live in San Carlos). Pretty epic. :)

    Thanks for the reminder that amid all these fun things and the running from here to there, that Christ is the focus and reason for celebration.

  5. Annie from Toronto, Ontario Canada.
    To. Charity,
    Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. Regarding those nasty comments these people are jealous of you and they do not know you or have even met you. My mother use to say if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

  6. The Christmas lights are AWESOME!!! Can you please tell me the street name in San Carlos? Thanks very much and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and the boy!!!

  7. hi friends! the dress is from asos - it's actually one of my bridesmaid dresses! and the street in san carlos is eucalyptus street.
    happy christmas!

  8. What tradition do you want to start with your new family? I love hearing about family traditions! I know you've been getting a lot of criticism but I really enjoy your blog and hearing about your life...the good and bad! :)

  9. Small World!! I recognize a family at your Ward Christmas party! Jared and Jenny Hobbs. Have you met them yet, they're fairly new? Tell them Meshan from Santa Fe, NM says hi!


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