more from basel

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^^ traditional fondue and roesti for dinner! ^^                               ^^ obsessed with basel city hall ^^
IMG_3634 IMG_3643IMG_1329
^^ church in german was an adventure! ^^
IMG_3637 IMG_3647
^^ many of the buildings are marked with the year they were built! ^^
IMG_3707IMG_3712IMG_3713 IMG_3716
^^ loved these love locks on the bridge! ^^
IMG_3719IMG_3723IMG_3721 IMG_3741
^^ inside the cathedral ^^                                            …and…!  ^^ on top of the cathedral! ^^ (i really love that stuff!)


  1. I have a silly question about your blog and pictures from all your trips around California and your trips. Do you ask random people to take your picture with your cell phone or a regular camera? I know Shawni takes a lot of her pictures because she isn't in as many. She is getting better at getting in the picture which is wonderful for memories! Mom's just don't seem to get in family pictures as much. When you are in other countries do you speak in English or gesture for someone to take a picture? I am sure you have some funny stories about asking people to take your group pictures! Just a silly question from someone usually too shy to ask strangers.

    1. hi! I/we usually just ask a stranger. I love talking to strangers while traveling anyway :) we also have this great gorilla pod tripod that we use (more when we are in nature) - Ian gave it to me for my birthday and it's pretty handy! but no matter where I've been in the world, I've found gracious people who understand the question to snap a photo. sometimes they do better than other times (you gotta love the pictures in front of landmarks that are just zoomed in on your face haha!)

    2. WOW! I Googled that Gorilla pod tripod yiu mentioned. That is amazing. The way it can twist and turn for different angles on the pictures is incredible. That is on my birthday wish list now. No wonder all your shots look like "someone", even in nature, are taking the pictures. Great find. Thank you!

  2. P.S. I love the love locks too. I heard Paris was putting a stop to the Love locks on that one bridge. Made me sad since I haven't been there to do it yet!

  3. I love the idea of traveling to fun places around the world. I am so worried I won't be able to communicate with the people and will not be able to figure out the transportation, hotel accomodations, how to order at a restaurant, etc. Do you have any secrets or tricks for those of us who are a little timid? I would love to have confidence to travel and explore. I love these beautiful pictures you are sharing.

    1. Hi there. I come from a small European country, and all of us speaks nearly perfect english. We start our studies when we are 9 and at the moment I'm doing most of my Uni studies in english, so travelling in europe should be noproblem if you speak english. Also if you are unsure, we have things like Google, our hands and gestures to help us communicate. Of course one must be mindfull that you are dealing with people who doesn't speak english as a first language so you might have to use more simple language and talk a bit more slow. It's all about mutual understanding and learning.

    2. i think when traveling you just have to decide to embrace the challenges. i personally love that it's an adventure to figure out transportation, lodging, food etc. i understand this could be more scary if i were more timid. but it is so worth any awkwardness or uncertainty. some of my best memories from traveling are from serendipities that happened because i was lost, needed to ask a stranger for help, or had to learn a few words in a new language :)


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