swiss mini road trip

today we rented a car and drove to zurich, then past lucerne into the alps and back up to basel via bern. it was quite a dreary day most of the time, weather wise, but we fell in love with zurich and about died at the beauty of our glimpse of the alps. we were moving pretty quick so i didn’t get too many photos, and by 4:30pm it was snowing hard! we made a quick stop at the bern temple at the end of our loop.

{i’m glad i have a few minutes at the end of the day while the boy is working to share these photos!}

^^ wandering the streets of old zurich ^^
and then admiring the views from the top of the grossmunster cathedral:IMG_3661IMG_3663IMG_3664IMG_3669IMG_3689
^^ there were so many jaw-dropping views, but we only stopped to capture a couple! ^^
like these:
IMG_3695IMG_3698IMG_3702 IMG_3703
^^ pretty temple in the snow ^^

we are crazy about switzerland!


  1. What an exciting place to explore! Beautiful.

  2. What splendid pictures,! So fun to see these gorgeous pictures,

  3. My husband and I were able to spend some time in Zurich several years ago, visiting his brother and family. We have a couple of the same pictures as you, including one in front of the temple (where my parents were married 40 years ago)!

  4. Such beautiful pictures, I love that you are sharing them! We went here on our honeymoon eight years ago...and it is amazing.

  5. Positively spectacular! It would be so great to have two kids in Switzerland :)

  6. Great pix.:)

    My brother & sister-in-law went there recently & had a great time.

    Are you going to see where The Sound of Music was filmed? That's one place I've always wanted to go to - one day maybe.:)


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