weekend at disneyland and with noah & kristi

last weekend we flew down to orange county to hang out with my brother and his family, and to go to disneyland (one thing we wanted to do together before we leave california). it was a really great quick trip.

we woke up on saturday morning (while it was still dark outside!) to our nephew bennett opening the guest bedroom door. i whispered, “hey buddy!” and he quickly and breathlessly replied, “i’ll go get everyone else.” then he turned around, scurried down the hall and so excitedly called out, “hey guys! they’re here!!!” it was the sweetest thing! within five minutes, we had four kids in our bed with us – a big ole cuddle puddle – telling us about school and showing us toys and asking us questions. we love these kids so so much!

when we were heading out the door to drive up to anaheim, i asked kristi if she had any sunglasses i could borrow, and of course she delivered with some awesome huge purple plastic ones:IMG_4266IMG_4271IMG_4272
we certainly had a happy day at the happiest place on earth…even though about half of the good stuff was closed. after the map told us splash mountain was closed, we walked to a couple of rides at california adventure only to find out that they were also shut down. so we headed across to disneyland. we excitedly walked down main street, usa but were pretty crestfallen when this is what we saw at the end of the path:


and then the matterhorn was closed and big thunder railroad wasn’t running, and the boy wouldn’t ride the teacups with me because just watching them made him want to hurl! nonetheless, we did have a great time. i think we rode 5 rides total because the lines were so long, but we had really good conversations in line and just really enjoyed being together. and those ninety seconds of thrill are seriously pretty much worth the ninety minutes of waiting! {i could hardly contain my joy while on space mountain, which is my absolute favourite ride ever in the world}

we liked experiencing disneyland after dark (it gets so magical!) but decided to forgo to the fireworks to meet noah and kristi for a double date.

sunday we made an awesome breakfast, went to church together, played at home, oodled over baby shelby (i can’t stand how cute she is!) went on a beautiful walk in the hills above noah & kristi’s house at sunset, and took these awesome pictures:

love them!


  1. "Before we leave California????"

  2. Charity, are you moving from California??

    1. hi! yes, with the completion of the boy's phd, a move is imminent. i've mentioned on this blog that the boy is applying to and interviewing for jobs all over :)

  3. Do you guys know where you are moving yet?

  4. Oh my! The castle stand-in is HILARIOUS!

  5. What happened to the Disneyland castle?! This is killing me! I would die if I spent that money and got there to see that!

    1. They are "diamond" ing it up for the 60th anniversary. it will be done by may


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