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the boy and i have been married for four months and two days. holy cow, it has been a wild and wonderful one hundred and twenty five days!

every once in a while i just take four minutes to watch our wedding video and it still makes me tingly all over and so very, very happy.

Charity & Ian // Wedding Highlights from Jordan Melendez // West End CG on Vimeo.

we will forever be grateful to our amazing videographer jordan melendez for creating this treasure that captures so beautifully much of the joy and love at our wedding. jordan is not only incredibly talented, but outrageously sweet and just a totally sparkly, lovely person. i can't recommend the experience of working with her highly enough!

jordan's new vidoegraphy/design company, west end creative group, just launched their website, and everyone should check it out!

every few days, i say to ian, "seriously, wasn't our wedding just the best?!?" he agrees :)

i have learned a lot over the past four months and two days. i'm really grateful. and so so so so so so so glad that i get to wake up next to the boy, my boy, every day.


  1. I agree- your wedding video is amazing!

  2. So awesome Charian, I loved it more than the first 100 times I saw it.
    Can I put it on YouTube.com/eyresontheroad?

  3. By the way, I know you posted a lot of pictures from the receptions, but have you received your official photographers photos yet? I would love to see a few!
    You have had more adventure in 125 days than most people have their whole marriage! Your honeymoon to Hawaii; your wonderful, family filled Christmas trip; a quick European trip, and Disneyland!!! How fun! You inspire me to just get up and go and don't over plan everything. (But I am such a planner and list maker. .....I need your father's advice to create balance with goal setting and having fun!) I was raised by an older practical father that you work, and then play. As a mom, there is always work!!!! Life Balance!!!!

  4. that was the best wedding video that ever happened.
    1. i am so happy for you.
    2. now i want to go make out with my husband.
    3. just the thought of my husband dancing with our daughter at her wedding makes me want to cry a river!

  5. Awesome post! Your wedding video is amazing! I loved it! I am so happy for you and my warm wishes are always with you. I have seen several events in NYC but none of them is perfect just like yours. All the best!


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