future ...

{1st post in a series of three: future, present and past}

this little season of life i am in is chock full of preparation for the future. i am curious, excited, a bit overwhelmed, preemptively nostalgic and really, really, really grateful.

the next few months look like this:
--one last california road trip--
--moving out of our apartment and sorting all of our belongings for what's ahead--
--around the world in eighty days--
--trip to yosemite with the boy's parents to celebrate graduation--
--stanford graduation--
--one last bay to salty lake drive--
--spending time with loved ones in utah--
--some studying, work and search for work--
--a quick visit to 3 of the 4 united states that the boy has not yet visited--
(yes, he's been to 46 and our road trip to north dakota, south dakota and nebraska will leave only alaska!)
--fourth of july in provo with the wrights--
--eyrealm reunion at bear lake (the boy and i are in charge this year!)--
--move someplace new (location tba) and start a new life--

we feel tremendously privileged and blessed to be able to spend the next few months traveling, preparing, exploring, celebrating, and spending time with people we love -- we are seeking to take full advantage of this unique time! all this change and movement requires quite a bit of sacrifice, decisions and work, but we express in every prayer and so many conversations how incredibly lucky we are, and we comment to each other pretty much every day how we seriously can't believe this is our life. we'd love for you to follow along on our adventures here on this blog and on instagram. in many ways the best part of exciting experiences is sharing them with others!

happy thursday and here's to the bright future!

{image by cat coquillette}


  1. Such a magical time for you and the boy! :-)

  2. How exciting! Enjoy your time. I was able to spend a week in South Dakota with some of my family a few years ago and there are some beautiful places and we found lots to keep us busy.

  3. Can't wait to follow along on this new adventure! What a dream!

  4. South Dakota is one of my favorite places. I spent my college summers working at a quirky little/big tourist stop on the edge of the Badlands called Wall Drug Store. I loved my South Dakota summers! The Black Hills are so full of beauty. Make sure you hike around Sylvan Lake and find the hidden gem that is Rapid City's Chapel in the Hills (one of my favorite places in the US). And Wall Drug's homemade donuts are pretty much the best.

  5. I am so happy for you. Enjoy this great time of life. My daughter is serving in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission right now. She started out in Nebraska and is now is North Dakota as her second area. She is in love with the mission and so happy to be there. You will love it too. Best to you both in these grand adventures of life together!


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