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what a crazy unique three week sliver of life the boy and i are currently experiencing! my last day of work was last friday, and we leave to circumnavigate the globe two weeks from sunday. here’s some tidbids from this distinct little chunk of present day-to-day…

each morning we…
-spend a little too much time snuggling in bed
-exercise together (we had a glorious run among the super green hills at the stanford dish trail the other day!)
-shower and groom for the day
-eat breakfast together (i am obsessed with this <—yogurt, fruit, nuts and honey combo lately! and i’ve been consistently making simple scrambled eggs with cheese and avocado for the boy)
-study the scriptures together over our meal
-pack up our stuff, pull out our bikes and cruise to stanford. it’s been so so nice outside each morning, and today we decided to go up to the top of hoover tower to admire campus from above. it’s fun to see spring buds and flowers starting to show up!
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we work together in ian’s office, mostly on trip planning. it’s pretty wild that we booked this 2.5 month trip just a couple of weeks ago and are just starting now to hunker down on planning exactly where to go, where to stay and what to do. it’s certainly going to be an adventure!

we’re trying to get through our food storage before we move, so we’ve been eating a lot of canned soup and ritz crackers!

we had quite the party sorting through our belongings and bringing a bunch of stuff to goodwill.
in the past week or so, we shared some meals with friends, went to a surprise birthday party at a bowling alley, played a doubles tennis match, visited my aunt and uncle across the bay, and used a gift certificate to eat out at a nice restaurant in downtown palo alto. we sure love the twinkly lights on university avenue and all the memories we have in the surrounding streets.

we got to take two trips up to san francisco this week to get our visas for china. that entrance from the 101 just never gets old!
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and last but not least, we’ve had some epic silly string battles.
…one of our wedding gifts was a basket full of kitchen gadgets which somehow also included two cans of silly string. and thus began the power of silly string in our relationship. a good little surprise spray sure dispels any conflict or frustration and/or provides an excellent pick-me-up. when i was at the party store right before valentine’s day, there was a big sale on silly string, so i gave the boy six cans as a love day gift – ha! ian is way better at the silly string battles than me, as evidenced by these pictures from this morning – i totally got hosed down.

IMG_1471 IMG_1472

this little three-week present is pretty good. there’s soooo much to do to get ready to leave, but we are feeling so grateful for what’s behind, what’s ahead and what’s right now!


  1. "The Boy" is riding his bike right past my daughters' preschool! :) Hasn't the weather been glorious?

  2. I love the silly string battles. I may have to use that . . . : )

  3. you're in such great shape, girl! you go!

  4. I'm not sure you meant circumvent :) Maybe circle?

    find a way around (an obstacle).
    synonyms: avoid, get around, get past, evade, bypass, sidestep, dodge; informalduck
    "the checkpoints were easy to circumvent"
    overcome (a problem or difficulty), typically in a clever and surreptitious way.
    "I found it quite easy to circumvent security"
    synonyms: avoid, get around, get past, evade, bypass, sidestep, dodge; informal duck
    "the checkpoints were easy to circumvent"
    deceive; outwit.
    "he's circumvented her with some of his stories"
    synonyms: avoid, get around, get past, evade, bypass, sidestep, dodge; informalduck
    "the checkpoints were easy to circumvent"

    1. hahah, thanks! i think i meant circumnavigate. i was rushing to finish this post! thanks for the heads up :)

  5. Really Anon! WTF is with the grammar police! Jealously is a sad thing!

    So glad you and Ian are sharing so many wonderful moments and making magical memories. Looking forward to reading about your adventures abroad.

  6. WTH is with the WT other thing. It's not grammar it's vocabulary. Likely spell check with a mind of its own. Circumvent would be less optimistic adventure seeking charity and something rather dark.


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