the great wall of china!!!


it’s one of those things that is just worth all the hype. standing on the great wall of china felt entirely surreal and totally amazing – it’s impossible to describe. we had so much fun exploring and glenn took a lot of photos of us :)

^^ we went up to the great wall via cable car, and we came down via slide! i can’t believe i didn’t take any photos of the slide – i’ll have to post a video later! it was super fun.
IMG_6536IMG_6538 IMG_6549IMG_6539
^^ so excited to be there!!! ^^
IMG_6540IMG_6564 IMG_6547
^^ there were tons of blossoms potting out all over (you can see them spotting the mountainsides in the pictures below. so lovely! ^^
IMG_6555IMG_6559IMG_6556IMG_6561 IMG_6570IMG_6565G1590709
^^ we heart glenn. this was right after he sang to us for a little bit. ^^
^^ we told glenn to do a crazy pose. this is what we got. (yes, i know i look scary.) ^^
^^ can you spot the boy peeking out on the right?! ^^
IMG_6580 IMG_6599IMG_6591IMG_6582 IMG_6585
^^ more excited poses. i mean, it’s the great wall of china!!! ^^
^^ we saw this sign after taking a video of ourselves sprinting along the wall. oops! ^^
IMG_6602 IMG_6594
^^ these pictures give you some idea of how incredibly steep the wall is in some places…but you can’t really tell in a photograph. it was almost like a ladder in some places. so amazing to think of this structure being built hundreds of years ago. ^^
IMG_6605IMG_6593 IMG_6600IMG_6608IMG_6611IMG_6613
we got to walk a little on the more rubble-y part of the wall (only sections of it have been kept up for visitors), which was really cool. can you see the line of the wall on the mountain behind me? seriously amazing. ^^
^^ the boy pondering about history and humanity ^^G1610724

yes – worth all the hype.


  1. Don't know what happened to the comment I just posted but here it is again: Once you've been there you can never forget it! It is astonishing! Loved seeing you both there!

  2. Fantastic pix, I don't blame you for doing this for a post of it's own.:)

    Just curious, how long did it take to walk around there?

  3. Really it’s a very good blog. The Great Wall of China is the world's longest wall and biggest ancient architecture. I would say one thing it is one of my favourite places ever. I had visited there through Trekclub before 6 months. Really it was amazing trip for me. One, who has been there more than 15 times, still can keep returning to see something new! Keep blogging like this. Thank you.


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