monasteries and mountains, part 2

^^ i’m not sure what to say about this photo. we were excited :) ^^

<< our little minibus in the courtyard of our lhasa hotel. we spent looooots of hours riding in that vehicle!


on our third day in tibet, we left lhasa and headed towards the city of xigatse. we drove over mountain passes and saw lots of amazing stuff along the way in between monastery visits. my wish to see prayer flags was definitely fulfilled. the sometimes pretty bleak-looking  landscape of tibet is beautiful in such a unique way. it was pretty neat to be gradually driving into the himalaya range.
^^ we wanted to get the yak in the selfie… ^^
^^ those little rock monuments were along the shore of this lake for miles and miles. ^^
^^ our bus just randomly had this stanford sticker on it, which we thought was pretty cool! a little bit of home in a foreign land :) ^^
^^ boom! outskirt peaks of the himalayas! ^^
^^ yak crossing! ^^
^^ we stopped to take in these goregous mountains and to see a huge glacier (see below). behind us in the picture above our friends from spain were adding their own prayer flag to the string. ^^
^^ a dipping kiss (the boy’s favourite pose) and a huge glacier ^^
IMG_7263 IMG_7273
^^ we made friends with this cute tibetian girl at one short stop we made at a stunning overlook. she wanted to practice her english. ^^
^^ yeah, i got to see some prayer flags… ^^
^^ this monastery had 100,000 buddah statues in this one stupa! ^^
^^ the view from the 100,000 buddah stupa – an old castle on the hill! ^^
^^ a huge monastery in xigaste, which we visited the morning after we arrived in that new city. see those lines across the mountain? prayer flags. incredible, right? ^^
IMG_7306 IMG_7307IMG_7308IMG_7313IMG_7310

next, we headed to everest base camp!