a treehouse and the panorama route


^^ that’s where we slept our second night on safari!!! i was obsessed, as you can tell by the copious amounts of pictures below…(don’t mind the mess of backpacks and unmade beds!)

IMG_9477 IMG_9491IMG_9488
^^ the balcony over looking the river…^^
^^ the view from the balcony…you never know what could show up at that watering hole!^^
G0191133IMG_9523 IMG_9501IMG_9504 G0201145IMG_9514 IMG_9526
^^ i mean, it was kind of the coolest place i’ve ever slept (might even beat everest base camp!). but then there were the spiders on the grounds of marc’s treehouse camp – those were a little less inviting but still really beautiful! ^^

some of the other guests at the treehouse camp came to our treehouse in the morning to take pictures with it – haha! we somehow got the best room in the place!

we drove back to johannesburg via south africa’s famous “panorama route” and the blyde river canyon (which is the third largest canyon in the world and the first largest green canyon in the world!). speeectacular.


i always feel so dorky ending these travel posts: “amazing time in an amazing place!” “thanks, south africa, for being so awesome!” “i have more cool pictures to share coming up next!” … i’m running out of closing lines. so i’ll just say that we feel so blessed and privileged to have been able to take this huge adventure and see so many beautiful places, people, animals, wonders … and we hope that the good we absorbed from that beauty will always be imprinted on our hearts.

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  1. That treehouse looks AH-MAZING!!! Love the adventures you two had this summer!