altona lodge, cape town


we stayed at a really lovely place in cape town. altona lodge is a beautiful building in a beautiful neighborhood that is a great jumping off point for exploring the city, but is also really quaint and quiet.

we loved getting to know the owner of the hotel, peter, who was incredibly helpful not only in accommodation but also in making plans and finding the best spots in cape town. we became fast friends with peter while having a perfect little breakfast in the hotel dining room our first morning. he told us the story of altona lodge – how its building has seen many changes and served many purposes over the years – and was an absolute delight to talk to.

altona lodge is so charming, and i loved that it felt so homey. it is also very reasonably priced, perfectly clean, and just a really friendly and happy place to be. if my previous posts have convinced you to go to cape town (as i hope they have a little – it is suuuuuch an incredible spot on earth!), stay at altona lodge. it’s perfect!

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^^ there’s peter at the reception desk. he and his staff provided impeccable and incredibly welcoming service! ^^

{this post is in partnership with altona lodge. all opinions are our own and we only recommend what we truly think is awesome.}

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  1. I already told my husband the other night that now I want to go to Cape Town! He already knows about the hot air balloons and fairy towers ;) love reading about your travels!