penguins at boulders beach!


we got to cape town on a saturday night, settled into our fantastic hotel, went to church on sunday morning (so so great!) and then headed straight down to the cape of good hope, stopping at boulders beach along the way. i was really, really excited about seeing penguins at this gorgeous spot, and my expectations were totally shattered by how awesome it was. it was so beautiful, and the penguins were so dang cute, and fascinating to watch. the hour or so we spent at boulders beach is definitely on my top five list for our entire trip. ian thought it was pretty neat too :)

^^ right after we got to the beach, there came a penguin out of the water! and after a five minute walk around the corner we saw dozens! (see below) ^^
^^ the color and clarity of that water!!! ^^
IMG_9645 IMG_9654
^^ the brown fuzzy ones are babies! ^^
IMG_9671IMG_9667 IMG_9685IMG_9676IMG_9689IMG_9698IMG_9707

i heart penguins and really pretty beaches and the boy. so this was a good hour.

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  1. dear charity! 1) boy howdy, am i ever looking forward to have the opportunity to explore there myself come september! 2) totally random commenting on this particular post ... but girl, i have said this before: you are in SUCH great shape! would you mind posting about your eating habits/working out routines one of these days? 3) looking forward to visiting you in spring! lots of love from germany!