the golden horn and the bosporus


our second day in istanbul was when we really fell for that city. it is the most spectacular mediterranean/asian/ european fusion and is a metropolis full of life from past and present.

after our return trip to the grand bazaar, we walked down to the golden horn to buy tickets for a ferry cruise along the bosporus (the body of water that separates asia from europe).  it was such a gorgeous day!

^^ the boy waiting in line to buy us donner kebabs for lunch while i snapped photos ^^

while we waited for our ferry to be open for boarding, we stopped in the mosque that was right across the street. again, so beautiful and peaceful. i love the hanging lights in all the mosques.


and then we got on the boat and sailed between two continents for a couple of hours. the sights were just glorious. the ride was relaxing. we were very happy.

^^ the bridge that spans the bosporus ^^

after our boat ride, we walked across the galata bridge and up the hill to the galata tower. we actually met up with a blog reader, which was so fun! she was the sweetest and we thoroughly enjoyed trying pistachio magnum bars and exploring the streets around galata tower with her. 

IMG_8875 IMG_8874
^^ fresh squeezed orange and pomegranate juice stations on many corners! so pretty, right?! ^^
IMG_8891 IMG_8895

we went to the galata konak cafe for dinner. this was one of the best decisions of our entire around the world trip, and our time there is one of our favourite memories together. the cafe is on a rooftop terrace, and we lucked out and got the best seat in the house right on the edge. the views across the golden horn and down the bosporus were ridiculous and could not be captured in pictures (my camera battery was also dying so i got some blurry ones as i tried to take them quickly!). but in my mind’s eye i can still see these vistas crystal clear, because it was one of those perfect nights when the air is dewy with magic.


we walked back to our hostel as the sky was turning from sapphire to navy, and we ate some delicious turkish ice cream, and it was just a perfect end to a really lovely istanbul day.


  1. My sister lived there for 5 months. I went there for 10 days, but oh my I miss this city! Your pictures are so beautiful!

  2. Donner kebabs were our favorite food to eat in Germany. I was super excited when a German restaurant opened up near my home, here in the Great Northwest, but the Donner kebabs were not even close to the authentic ones. Oh, and the Italian Ice we would get was to die for! Your post brought back so many memories! Lisa

  3. The verbage about your dinner made me smile. Love these posts!

  4. I think we need to go back! Grand pictures!