the perfect place to stay in dubai – movenpick deira


when we arrived in dubai, we were really ready for a comfy bed and a shower. we had gone straight to the airport from shark diving in south africa and flew overnight. our beautiful room at the movenpick deira hotel was a sight for sore eyes! a nap, some snacks and a shower felt so luxurious, especially because everything in our room was top notch.

our entire stay at movenpick deira was completely delightful. we loved the location of the hotel – near to the airport, away from the craziness of the malls and downtown, but really close to a subway stop, making the entire city so easily accessible. the service was impeccable – every member of the staff was incredibly kind and very helpful in not only ensuring a comfortable and happy stay at the hotel, but also a great time in dubai (they helped us find our way around and discover the coolest things in the city). the amenities were plentiful and the food was so delicious.

it can be overwhelming to decide on a place to stay in dubai – there are so, so many different hotels in lots of different parts of the city. we highly, highly recommend a stay at movenpick deira.

^^ we were tickled pink by the fact that the hotel had given us personalized t-shirts as a special souvenir. and that note! it says “welcome to movenpick deira. wishing you a pleasant stay as you #charianaroundtheworld.” they even picked up on our instagram hashtag! ian is obsessed with this t-shirt with his name on it in english and arabic. you’ll notice it in lots of pictures in blog posts to come!^^
^^ and this super lovely spread of food was waiting for us – yum! ^^
IMG_0278 IMG_0283IMG_0286
^^ our room was really perfect. just the right amount of space. and i’m a sucker for hotel rooms that come with bathrobes! ^^
^^ our first morning we ate breakfast in the lounge on our floor, and the spread was wonderful! ^^
IMG_0289 IMG_0291
^^ the gym at movenpick deira is fully stocked. it was so nice to get some good workouts in after having to get pretty creative in exercising on our travels! ^^
^^ and the rooftop pool! i had the most relaxing morning here while the boy was working on some things in the room one day of our stay at movenpick deira. ^^
IMG_0296 IMG_0297
^^ there’s also a sauna and beautiful locker facilities next to the gym & pool. ^^
IMG_0298 IMG_0303IMG_0299
^^ we also got to see the beautiful meeting rooms that are available at the hotel. i wouldn’t mind a conference here! ^^
^^ especially with this outdoor space on the side! ^^
IMG_0302 IMG_0304
IMG_0307 IMG_0687
^^ movenpick deira has two restaurants, and they are both gorgeous! options by sanjeev kapoor serves indian dishes in an chic atmosphere, and jigsaw provides a bright spot for yummy dining. ^^
^^ the spectacular breakfast buffet! there are few things in this world i love more than a breakfast buffet, and movenpick deira does it right! ^^ as you can continue to see below…
IMG_0688IMG_0689 IMG_0693IMG_0692

we had an amazing stay at movenpick deira! look no further for the perfect place to stay in dubai.

IMG_4070 copy 4

{this post is in partnership with movenpick deira. all opinons are purely our own!}


  1. This hotel looks amazing! Now I want to go to Dubai just to stay in this hotel!

  2. The t-shirts are so awesome! Beautiful hotel!

  3. Wow, the hotel looks beautiful!
    Can I ask you how you partnershipped with the hotel? Did you just asked them beforehand if you could write a review on your blog in order to get a compensation/ free stay? Sorry for this (maybe) noisy question, I am totally not familiar with these things ;)
    I am so excited for your posts about the South America part of your trip- in order to relive the beautiful time I spent there :) Looking forward to the next posts.

  4. Charity, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your travels and enjoying your pictures. Places I will probably never get, thank you for sharing, keep up the good work. I have been an "Eyre" fan for years, enjoyed your parents at Education Week many times.

  5. WOW! You hit the jackpot on this one. What a great hotel you lucky ducks!

  6. Just this week we were staying in Savannah, I looked in the hotel closet and there were two lush bath robes. As I pulled mine on I thought to myself "Aaah, the lap of luxury!" and remembered you and Trowbridge. Anyway, just thought it was funny to read this post and hear you mention the bath robes.