across the river in uruguay


while we were in buenos aires, we decided to take a ferry across the widest river in the world and spend a day in uruguay! it was pretty fun to take a quick boat ride to another country {and i was especially excited because uruguay brought my country count up to fifty!}. the little cobblestoned town of colonia del sacramento is perfectly charming and was a nice contrast to the bustle of buenos aires.

IMG_1037 IMG_1039
^^ soon after we got off the ferry and started to walk into town, we saw these colorful sidewalks. i was instantly sold on this place! ^^
^^ and then there was bougainvillea everywhere! i love it. ^^
IMG_1042 IMG_1063IMG_1047
^^ i love this boy and his signature arms-stretched-out pose. seriously, he’s the cutest. ^^
IMG_1049 IMG_1090IMG_1052IMG_1069 IMG_1073
^^ apparently along with cobblestones and bougainvillea, colonia is known for having lots of vintage cars. random, but lovely! ^^
IMG_1076G0711423 2015-05-28 12.19.23
^^ we climbed to the top of the lighthouse overlooking the wide, wide river separating uruguay and argentina. ^^
^^ ^^ views from the top! ^^ ^^
IMG_1086 IMG_1093G0731431
^^ this particular cobblestoned street is named “the street of sighs” ^^
IMG_10952015-05-28 13.26.02
^^ we serendipitously came across this random rooftop view! ^^
IMG_1103IMG_1105 IMG_1107IMG_1108
^^ ian had a fascination with stray dogs wherever we went. ^^
G0741435 G0751438
^^ while we waited for the ferry back to argentina, we played a few rousing rounds of nerts. so much card playing on this trip of ours! i really don’t know why i continue to enjoy playing with ian because he basically creams me every single time. ^^
^^ skyline views as we re-approached buenos aires at sunset time. ^^

pretty neat to get a peek into uruguay!


  1. Hi Charity. Love your blog! A Q for your next Q & A:
    What are the most important life lessons you have learnt
    from all the places you have been and all the people you have met?

  2. This is awesome! I spent a couple months in Buenos Aires a few summers ago- now I wish we had made the trip across to Uruguay!