galapagos two


yes, spending the last few days of our around the world trip on tropical islands was a gooooood move.

on our concluding saturday, we went on a day trip to isla isabela, where we saw lots of giant galapagos tortoises (seriously so neat) and tons of other wildlife, hung out on the most pristine beautiful white sand beach, and swam with penguins and sea lions!

on the final day of our travels (besides one and a half more spent almost exclusively on a plane/in an airport), we went to church with the wonderful saints on santa cruz island, walked to tortuga bay and strolled along the beach, and packed up our backpacks one last time.

visiting the galapagos islands was like a little kiss on the cheek to end our epic adventure.

IMG_17292015-06-05 16.55.16
^^ we took several of these “ferry” rides in between islands. we usually took a dramamine pill before each ride because they were bumpy – and a couple of hours long! i just kind of love how everyone was packed in and usually 90% of the people fell asleep during the ride through what seemed like endless stretches of ocean until a new island would pop up! ^^
IMG_1732IMG_1736 IMG_1737IMG_1748
^^ we learned a lot of interesting things about giant galapagos tortoises. they live over one hundred years! ^^
^^ baby giants! ^^
IMG_1754IMG_1758  G1451680 IMG_1762
^^ we could have watched them for hours. so dinosaur-ish! ^^
IMG_1767 IMG_1768IMG_1771
^^ aaaannnd, we even got to see some mating going on. ^^
IMG_1783 IMG_1786IMG_1788 IMG_1791
^^ pretty wild flamingoes in a pond nearby the tortoise sanctuary! ^^
IMG_1793 IMG_1795IMG_1799G1481695IMG_1801
^^ these pictures just don’t do the beach justice. we could hardly believe our eyes. ^^
^^ pelicans, and can you spot the blue-footed booby birds? i can’t believe how neon blue their feet really are. ^^
^^ can you?! we saw hundreds of these guys!^^
IMG_1846 IMG_1838IMG_1852
^^ another friendly iguana. ^^
^^ and a sea lion on his private beach! ^^
IMG_1859 IMG_1866IMG_1830
^^ penguins!!! the furthest north penguins in the world. we got in the water and snorkeled right alongside them. i was ecstatic. ^^
^^ haha, can you tell? very excited. ^^
^^ we were so close we could pet them! they were really playful. there was also a sea lion swimming around with us (that is not my body – someone else’s on our excursion :) – but i did get to touch the penguins, so cool)! ^^
G1611721 G1601720
^^ we also saw sea stars and a huge manta ray as we were snorkeling around. ^^
G1641725 G16517262015-06-06 17.01.15
^^ here’s the boy and our tour guide. i love that ian took this selfie while i was in the bathroom. ^^
2015-06-06 20.30.19 2015-06-07 12.05.10
^^ ian’s second haircut of the trip was in galapagos. his first was in southern china. a great adventure (and a really good haircut!) both times! and going to church on santa cruz island was such a highlight of our time in galapagos. we were so inspired by the humble and kind people that we met and worshipped with. ^^
^^ the walk to tortuga bay. it was so hot and humid! ^^
IMG_1877IMG_1878IMG_1894 IMG_1902
^^ one last visit with giant tortoises at the charles darwin research center. ^^
^^ and yellow iguanas! ^^
2015-06-08 09.50.58
^^ here’s the outside of our hostel. ian took a picture of every place we stayed on the trip (i think he missed only a couple of the forty one). i’ll have to compile them. it was so weird to be walking away from this place knowing that our big trip was so close to being over and reflecting on all the crazy awesome experiences and growth it provided for us individually and collectively. ^^

i love this planet so much. i feel so blessed to have been able to see so many amazing parts of it this year.


  1. I love all of your beautiful picture and thank you for taking us on this awesome journey! I love to see you and Ian having this great time together and building such wonderful memories. I am sure others say this to you guys and you probably hear it a LOT but, I am beyond excited and dying for the day you get to tell us that you are pregnant and expecting your first child! The thought of following that journey with you and Ian is going to be so exciting! Having watched so many of your other family members begin and raise families has been fun and I am sure all of your followers are sitting on pins and needles to share motherhood with you as well!!!! We will be patient because you guys are on your timing according to how it best words for you guys. Pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, more pregnancies, more births and more toddlers!!!! Can't wait!!!

  2. Charity - I have never commented on your blog and in fact this is probably only my second blog comment ever. I read your blog because I'm intrigued by Mormonism and appreciate your family values etc. And of course, your travels are amazing. I'm only writing now because the comment above infuriated me. I got married one month after you and I'm here to say that lots and lots of people have a really, really hard time getting pregnant and suffer heart breaking losses in the process. NO ONE should be putting any pressure on you to have children ... particularly via blog comments. I miscarried 5 months ago and this comment made me cry and it wasn't even directed at me. If you were having problems, it (the comment) would have been soul crushing - it drives me crazy that people can be so insensitive.

    You are younger then I am and I hope you won't have any problems, I only write to let you know that if you are or you do, it will be terrible and made much worse by comments like those above but you'll survive and while you might fee alone, you won't be.


    1. I'm so sorry about your miscarriage.x

    2. Dear Anonymous,
      I am so sorry my comments to Charity about being excited to watch her develop into motherhood hurt you so. I am so sorry that you had a miscarriage, If I was there I would let you bawl on my shoulder literally, as I have many women. It hurts so much to loose a baby or child no matter what age. I was not even trying to put pressure on anyone to have a baby. I was referring to Charity's post on "I Want a Baby".
      I assure you my intent was not to hurt anybody, ever. I am Charity's parents age and have followed their teachings raising my children. I have experienced losing a child, infertility, stillborn, miscarriage, and everything else a women of my age with 4 daughters could experience either myself or with them. I also am not in favor of rushing to have children or saying rude comments to women who are on any path the either choose or do not choose or have no choice to choose to have children. I am the least judgemental person because you name it, I have been through it! My prayer for you is that you will receive the gift of motherhood according to the desires of your heart however that may come to pass.
      Love and hugs to all women out there who hurt!

  3. Char, nice work! I've just spent way too long catching up on your blog posts. Incredible beauty captured by your eye and your heart. Love you so much. Can't wait to see you soon!