sweet challenges and joys

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i’ve concluded that nothing can prepare you for the intensity of becoming a parent, or the wild adventure of mothering a newborn.

since i was practically a baby myself, i’ve learned about babies. as a child and then onwards throughout all the years of my life, i have been around a lot of tiny humans, and have heard a whole lot about the joys and challenges of new parenting – all the dreamy details and all the gory details.
yet, i’ve realized that no impassioned description of profound parental love, or detailed explanation of postpartum toil, or lengthy narration of inconsolable crying and uber-sweet newborn cuddles could allow me to truly understand the depth of this joy and challenge. it’s just one of those things that you can’t comprehend until you experience it.

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the past forty days with moses have been so very sweet, and also pretty grueling, and all around just really incredible. there’s been a bit of worrying and so much adoring, some persistent pain and soreness and concern and discomfort, swells of fierce tenderness and warmth, bouts of hormonal tired tears, a lot of different bodily fluids to deal with, some trepidation and an abundance of learning, hearts filled with wonder and love, and, of course, many nearly sleepless nights.

my body and mind have ached so acutely when i have woken (again and again!) in the wee hours. but then, as i look at moses, the sweet, sweet joy in my heart – a peculiar and novel and spectacular brand – truly melts all ache away. after he has eaten and at last drifted back to sleep, i lay in the darkness and listen to the breathing of both my true love and my tiny son, and i am thrilled with gratitude (to borrow a phrase a blog reader used in a comment!).

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these days are so intense and so, so special. and i am extremely happy in a whole new way.

a couple of weeks ago, our friend kami came to our flat in the morning before ian left for work and took some photographs of our little family of three. i’m so glad we were able to capture a little bit of the sweetness of being at home with little baby moses. he’s already grown so much since these pictures were taken!

click through to see all our favourites that kami snapped. it was so hard to narrow them all down!
^^ maybe our favourite of moses’s features – his wild, wispy, a-little-bit ginger hair. we are constantly giggling at it. ^^
^^ he is such an expressive boy. his most common expression seems to be a bit concerned – haha! here he looks like a little old man – i love it. ^^
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^^ we are obsessed with him. every single day ian exclaims, “look at him! look at our little son!” ^^
^^ such a squishy little baby :) ^^
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^^ i love the progression of this photo and the ones below – first, sleeping soundly… ^^
^^ then, the pirate eye – taking a peek around, deciding if he should wake up… ^^
^^ then, a biiiiig yawn… ^^
^^ then, awake and curious… ^^
^^ and then … after some wiggling free from the swaddle … time to cry! ^^
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i am really loving being a mom – all the challenges ^^ and all the joys ^^.


  1. There's really nothing like those newborn days - tired, hormonal, sore, full of worry, but mostly just filled with so much overwhelming love. I could make a comment about each and every one of these precious photos. He is SO sweet! I love his baby expressions (my baby boy often had a look of worry too - maybe because he has three big sisters?) and the expressions of obvious love and pride and joy on yours and Ian's faces. Beautiful family!

  2. There really isn't anyway to prepare for it until you actually experience it. You described it well though. Extremes on all sides. But so so wonderful. Being Mom is just that, being in every way possible.

  3. These are beautiful...........Moses is precious!

  4. These photos are beautiful treasures!

    Hang in there, Charity, this is the hardest part. If you're still hurting from your birth injuries be sure to get great medical attention for yourself. You need and deserve excellent care just as much as the baby.

    1. thanks! i am healing well, but breastfeeding has been a real challenge (buy its getting so much better!). having a baby is great practice in asking for help, and we are getting it.

  5. These photos are beautiful! He is a remarkable, adorable baby! And you look absolutely gorgeous- a glowing new mom! Hang in there through this hard stuff- so far in my 5.5 years parenting experience- this (tied with morning sickness) is the very hardest part! So sweet and beautiful, and so incredibly hard. I think it just gets easier from here!

  6. Beautiful photos! Such a treasure. Congratulations on the birth of that wonderful baby.

  7. Beautiful photos! Such a treasure. Congratulations on the birth of that wonderful baby.

  8. These pictures make me want a baby... and I have a six month old! Ha! Something about their sweet squishy newbornness is just so delicious!

  9. The photo where you are looking directly at the camera, you are absolutely gorgeous in that one. Congratulations.

  10. Just a suggestion. Charity Eyre Wright as a new name for your blog? Or Charian or London Wrights? ....I was just sharing your birth story to a friend and when I gave her your blog name---well, we sure had a good giggle. Lovely blog

    1. haha! i know... i have considered a name change many times. but then readers tell me they love the name and i can't think of anything i really like to change it to! at least it's memorable...?!

  11. He is perfect, love all his expressions. Such a beautiful family, congratulations on the wild ride of parenthood!

  12. These pictures are beautiful and precious! He is so cute! I am curious to what color of hair you and Ian had when you were born? enjoy this time, I missed out on it with my baby girl, and it makes me so sad.
    Also, I wanted to thank you for changing the wording for a c-section in your original birth story.
    And, I love your blog name, I think it describes you and your writing perfectly.

  13. These pictures are priceless and beautiful! You will cherish them forever. You have described entering into motherhood so well. You really can't be prepared for all it brings. Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts with us all!! I am Amy Larson's cousin and I am so glad you two have connected and have become friends...both wonderful Mothers!!

  14. Oh my gosh those photos are so so precious, I love the many expressions of love evident in those photos.

  15. Those are by far the best newborn photos I've ever seen. So natural! What a treasure!

  16. What a beautiful family. Great photos!
    Lisa in WA

  17. Aha! This is a grand fix for what happened since I left and what I can expect when I see you all in nine days! Hugs to that adorable child from G&G!

  18. I adore the name!! Fits you perfectly!

  19. He just makes me giggle with delight. Even after six babies of my own who were so delicious I wanted to eat them, your son is right up at the top of my list of adorable babies. Thank you for sharing these lovely, lovely pictures of your sweet little family- they made my day brighter.

  20. Any more posts on handsome Moses and his parents????


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