four really great baby items

before moses was born, i wrote about how we were very choosy when it came to buying baby items. there are sooooo many products out there for new parents and it can be pretty overwhelming to try to decide what your family really needs and wants - and every new baby and every new parent is very different, so it's a unique journey for everyone! we have experienced some trial and error in figuring out what works best for us.

today i want to share four pretty cool baby items that we were gifted and have tried out. 

this is one item that i have used nearly every day since i became a mom. leaving the house with a nursing cover just allows me to be confident that i can confidently feed moses (and thus keep him healthy and happy!) on the go, no matter where i am. i've used my covered goods cover on buses, trains and airplanes, in cafes, parks, and museums, at church and friends' homes, on benches, steps and even a punting boat! this cover is comfortable for both moses and i (the fabric is so soft, light, and stretchy) and it's compact and simple.
the really neat thing about this nursing cover is that it's not just a nursing cover! it's also a carseat and shopping cart cover, and a cute infinity scarf. i love that i can use it to feed my baby and then just loop it around my neck and wear it until the next feed. 
this is one of my top recommended baby items for sure. 

a wildbird ring sling is one of the four baby carriers that we use regularly, and there are a lot of things i really like ours. it is super easy to put on (no wrapping or clipping or velcroing - just a ten second tightening/adjusting), it's super versatile, and it's just so pretty! i have the merlin chambray sling and while it took us a few wears to get used to, both moses and i love to quickly snuggle up with it and head out on errands or adventures (see moses in his sling in front of various wonder walls around london here).
i'll share a bit more about our wildbird sling in a forthcoming post all about our small arsenal of baby carriers. in the meantime, you've got to check out wildbird's instagram feed. it's just really pretty - what a beautiful product.
we haven't used this product as much, simply because moses loves to take showers with his dad (and ian loves it too!). but when daddy isn't around and little mo is needing some scrub-a-dub, the puj flyte has come in handy. it fits right in our bathroom sink and is comfortable for moses and easy to use. the best part about it is that it folds up and therefore takes up pretty much no space in the little bathroom in our tiny flat. we can even easily put it in a suitcase and take it on trips with us.


it took me a nice long while to figure out how to arrange my clothes to effectively breastfeed my baby - it can be really tricky! the nurselet bracelet helps by holding a nursing mom's shirt up while baby is eating. i think any breastfeeding mom would agree that a constantly falling shirt can be super frustrating ... and detrimental to helping a baby get that ever-important good latch. this little product is pretty clever!
when it's not being used to hold up your shirt, the nurselet can be worn as a reminder bracelet on the arm corresponding with the side baby last fed on. there's tooons of different designs so new moms can choose a bracelet that best matches their style. 

aaaaand, i just heard moses starting to wake up in the other room, so i'm off to play with the cutest baby ever :) i hope these products prove useful for some new moms out there! 



  1. How long is the nursing cover (that is if you cut it open)? And you tall are you? I want to buy one myself and I'm not sure about the size.

    1. when i just have it over me like a poncho it goes down to my mid-thigh about. i'm 5'9"

  2. Where were these things when we needed them? Shucks!

  3. I never cease to be amazed at all of the wonderful products for parents and babies these days, especially so many that have been developed by moms. So impressed!


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