freshly picked moccasins giveaway!

it's officially, officially christmastime!!! i am freaking out excited. let the light stringing, carol singing, service giving, cookie making, and present shopping magic begin!!

to kick off the season, i get to help give away one of my very favourite baby items - a pair of freshly picked baby moccasins! moses was gifted two pairs of these adorable shoes and i could hardly wait for him to grow into them! there's still a tiny bit on the big side to be honest, but i still put them on little mo's little feet and just love, love them! {you may have noticed his tan and navy moccs in previous blog posts - strangers around london notice them all the time and ask me where i found them!}

i love freshly picked moccs because they are just so cute, but also because they are easy to put on, they stay on (!!), and they are very well made and super good quality. mo's moccs have been keeping his toes warm for the past month or so and he thinks the fringe is so cool to play with! :)

freshly picked has offered to give away a pair of soft soled moccasins to one of my blog readers/ instagram followers! (mo is pretty amazed by how cool that is in the photo above! ^^) there are dozens of adorable colours and designs to choose from, and sizes that span from four days old to four years old! 

to enter the giveaway, you must:
-tag a friend in the comments of my giveaway photo on instagram
-follow @charityeyrewright on instagram
-follow @freshlypicked on instagram
-have not won a freshly picked giveaway in the past sixty days :)
-live in the united states (or be willing to pay for shipping to your country of residence)

i will randomly select a winner (from the comments on the instagram photo) on friday, 2 december. the announced winner will need to email me within three days so i can quickly arrange the shipment!

even you don't have a baby of your own to put moccs on, these darling tiny shoes would make a wonderful christmas gift!

good luck! // thank you, freshly picked! // happy christmastime, all!!


  1. Hi! He is adorable in his little shoes. Normally, I wouldn't point out a mistake on writing, but I think you meant to say fringe. I had to read it three times because I was thinking why would a three month old be playing in the fridge. He is too young. Anyway, he is just adorable and I can't wait to see your pictures from Munich.

    1. haha, thanks! i fixed it! moses doesn't often leave me much time to proofread :)


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