weekend #2 with mom & dad wright: the cotswolds!


we had the most perfectly autumnal, charming, lovely weekend in the cotswolds with ian’s parents. it was seriously dreamy – filled with theeeee cutest little english villages, drives down narrow hedge roads and through brilliant foliagey tree tunnels, meals in cozy pubs, a good night of sleep in an old stone manor house, pretty parish churches, ivy covered walls, moss-dabbled roof shingles, and moses’s smiles. i was giddy about the fairytale beauty, and so happy to be with my boy, my baby boy, and our visitors! … and i’m feeling like i want to go back to the cotswolds every autumn!

the cotswolds is one of england's “areas of outstanding natural beauty” (yes, they are really called that) and the bits we saw were certainly outstandingly beautiful! we visited seven villages {castle combe, bibury, bourton-on-the-water, stow-on-the-wold, tetbury, lower slaughter and upper slaughter} and saw a lot of gorgeous countryside in between. our favourite spots were castle combe, bibury and upper slaughter. on our way back to london, we stopped at blenheim palace which is extraordinary, and i’ll share pictures from there in the next post!

click through to see some really enchanting, pretty scenes i tried to capture!

IMG_6235 IMG_6236
^^ i saw these matching mama-baby hats on amazon for super cheap and instantly bought them … i’m obsessed! i love twinning with moses and i’m just so so happy to be his mom. ^^
^^ his expressions! are the best! ^^
IMG_6249IMG_6255IMG_6251 IMG_6245IMG_6256IMG_6262IMG_6261IMG_6265 IMG_6284
^^ we all agreed that castle combe was the most perfectly charming village that we visited. it’s just dreamy – even in the rain! ^^
^^ if you want a little cake, just leave your money in the box! ^^
IMG_6276 IMG_6290IMG_6277IMG_6281IMG_6283
^^ the smoke coming out of the chimneys and billowing against the foliagey hills was just outrageously perfectly enchanting! ^^
^^ can you even handle how darling this little boy is?! he’s so full of joy, and he brings us so much joy!! ^^
IMG_6302 IMG_6307IMG_6310IMG_6312IMG_6321
^^ these layered stone walls all over the cotswolds are just incredible! ^^
IMG_6329IMG_6322 IMG_6324IMG_6335IMG_6337 IMG_6340IMG_6343
^^ arlington row in bibury – just the prettiest street there is. with a side of japanese tourists on the right hand side … they were so nice to snap a picture of us – i love meeting people from all over the world through picture-taking exchanges :) ^^
IMG_6348 IMG_6352
^^ both roses and fall leaves in the bibury churchyard! ^^
^^ how do i pick just one of these three to share?! i love those two faces so so so much! ^^
IMG_6381IMG_6383IMG_6387 IMG_6388IMG_6390IMG_6392 IMG_6393IMG_6394IMG_6399IMG_6400IMG_6402
^^ these technicolored leaves are just amazing! god is such a wonderful artist. ^^
^^ we stayed at the hare and the hounds hotel just outside tetbury. we absolutely loved it and cannot recommend a stay there highly enough. the location was perfect, the bedrooms were gorgeous, and the common space was just so so lovely. and it was so affordable for such a nice place, compared to a lot of other inns/hotels in the cotswolds that we looked at. ^^
IMG_6414 IMG_6418IMG_6423 IMG_6424IMG_6446 IMG_6435
^^ the view from our bedroom window in the morning! ^^
IMG_6463 IMG_6466IMG_6467
^^ how’s that for a perfect setting for breakfast?! the breakfast that came with our room was the best come-with-the-room breakfast i have ever had. a full beautiful buffet, plus hot food made to order. i had perfect porridge and scrumptious eggs benedict! grandpa wright had scrambled eggs with fresh trout from the bibury trout farm! ^^
^^ the library! don’t you just want to cozy up with a good book right there?! ^^
^^ moses was a fan of the hare and the hounds. the staff was so kind to put a travel cot for him in our bedroom and he had one of his best night’s sleep as of late (the so-called “four month sleep regression” is hitting us hard!) ^^
IMG_6506 IMG_6522IMG_6514 IMG_6518IMG_6526
^^ baby boy was so happy most of the time in his car seat as we spent lots of time in the car going from village to village in the cotswolds. grandma and grandpa loved sitting in the back seat with him! ^^
^^ i tried to capture a little bit of how magical our drives were – on our second day there was just enough breeze that leaves were fluttering everywhere as we cruised through ruddy multicolor tree tunnels. it was just fantastic. ^^
IMG_6541IMG_6556 IMG_6560
^^ my favourite interior of the parish churches we peeked in. i adore that each kneeler is different and so pretty! ^^
^^ see the shadow of the church steeple on that gorgeous tree?! ^^
IMG_6565 IMG_6578IMG_6569IMG_6575IMG_6577IMG_6581 IMG_6590IMG_6593
^^ if you look really hard, you can spot sheep in the hillside pasture behind the cottage in this photo! ^^
^^ spectacular road trip scenery. ^^
^^ and another measly attempt to capture the magic of driving through these trees as they rained leaves! ^^
^^ there’s a lot of love between these three! grandma and grandpa wright are the best! ^^

it was a really, really lovely weekend in the cotswolds!


  1. Beautiful. I loved our time there in September. Hyrum and I are planning another trip to the Cotswolds one of these days. You captured it perfectly. I love those pictures of Moses. He has grown so much in these past couple of months.

  2. He's sooooo cute and starting to grow into a toddler!

  3. He is so adorable, Charity! And this looks like such a fantastic visit to the Cotswolds!

  4. Beautiful pictures enjoyed looking at them, thank you..beautiful baby x


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