entering red square!!!!


on easter sunday, after church, we took a fast train from st. petersburg to moscow. the train ride was actually an awesome experience – we sat across from a wonderful russian woman who we loved chatting with and learning from, and there was a meal allowance we didn’t know about that was outrageously big (we each got three meals and tons of snacks) and the journey was comfortable and fun!

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when we arrived in moscow, we took the metro from the train station to our hotel. that was an adventure because we couldn’t read any of the signs! ian found a map with some small print roman alphabet that helped us figure it out, and we made it to the ritz carlton moscow. we used rewards points to stay there for free and it was so awesome. after squealing a bit about the niceness of our room, we went out on the balcony and saw this view:


those gates into red square were so so alluring and we bundled back up speedy quick to go check it out. as we were putting on hats and gloves, ian said to me, “chare, i’ve gotta tell you, i am really excited right now.” i replied, “oh my gosh, me too, my heart is fluttering!” red square was the number one thing we were excited about seeing in russia and we both (ian especially) have wanted to see it (st. basil’s cathedral particularly) our entire lives!

IMG_0295 IMG_0296

as we approached red square, we were both seriously so giddy with excitement. i have to share these video clips that i took:

truly, i think entering red square on that clear cold night is among the very most stunning, jaw-drop moments i’ve had traveling the world. my whole body was buzzing with amazement and ian was freaking out a little. the huge open square and the uniquely magnificent buildings are just so. dang. cool. we wandered around, delirious with thrill, for about thirty minutes.


back at the hotel, we checked out the views from the rooftop lounge before heading back to our room. it felt so surreal to look out over that square, to actually be there! this was all a fabulous introduction to moscow, a city we fell hard for and ended up wishing we had more time in! such a captivating place.


more to come from moscow soon!


  1. I love reading about your travel adventures, I had to comment since I have actually been to Moscow! My husband and I went on a study abroad with BYU for three months, best time ever! We felt the same walking into Red Square. I hope you were able to check out GOOM and Lenin's tomb while you were there.

  2. Been following you forever and just wanted to thank you for all your travel posts. So many times you've made me want to go places I would have never even considered before!

  3. I was just as excited when I was seeing (and entering) the golden gate bridge for the very first time last year. A dream come true! :)


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