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i started working on faith-based q&a posts during little mo’s afternoon nap today, but man, i’m exhausted – there’s some heavy stuff in there, and it doesn’t help that i was up most of the night last night barfing (no idea where that came from, but i’m feeling much better today). soooo i’m just going to share some pictures from life lately on the blog today.

ian took the cfa exam last saturday, and so we’ve begun a new study-free chapter of life – yay! we are in a pretty happy place as a family right now. ian and i are consistently and earnestly working on strengthening our marriage, moses is just so much fun, and london is dreamy in the warmer weather (although we’ve had a couple of blustery, rainy days this week – but i like a bit of variety!). we have lots to look forward to in the coming months (especially spending time with family in the usa), i feel that i am being challenged in productive ways, and life is good. i am grateful!

IMG_1713 IMG_7466
^^ on the bus the other day, moses saw some people with these amazing balloons and got so excited about them. the sweet owners of the balloons gave one to him and he just about died of thrill. new favourite toy around here :) ^^
IMG_7241 IMG_7245IMG_7257 IMG_7255IMG_7259
^^ there’s a place that hosts asian cooking classes really close to our flat (we can hear and smell the gatherings from our bathroom!) and we have always wanted to go to one. and after booking months in advance, we finally did! - just a few days before ian took his exam. we did the introduction to vietnamese cooking course and it was so much fun! i absolutely loved every minute of it – chopping, sautéing, and learning. and in the end the food was sooo yum. ^^
^^ my sister and her husband and their five kids were in town the two days before ian took the cfa. moses and i had such a great time hanging out with them and showing them around a bit (and ian got to see them for little slivers of time between studying). more pictures from their visit coming soon. moses was seriously in heaven being with his adoring and awesome cuzzies. ^^
IMG_7344 IMG_7362IMG_7365 IMG_7371
^^ little mo and i went out to the testing venue with ian the morning of the exam. just like last year, it was wild! sooo many people (over 10,000!) and sooo much tension in the air! we don’t know the results until early august, but we celebrated it being over right after ian emerged from crowd after all candidates were dismissed. (moses and i stuck around all day so we could bring ian lunch and hang out with him at the end.) we took the emirates air line - this random cable car ride over the thames that we’ve always wanted to check out and is right by the testing venue – together, and then had a celebratory dinner (at a mexican place in that cool-looking building on the right). ^^
^^ the view from the cable car. we never go this far east in london, so it was fun to see a new part of the city. ^^
IMG_7305 IMG_7310IMG_7319 IMG_7326
^^ don’t even try to tell me that’s not the best bedhead you’ve ever seen ;) ^^ (same afternoon, before and after an outfit change)
IMG_7409 IMG_7414IMG_7415 IMG_7420
^^ the other day while out running errands, we stopped to enjoy some strawberries and cream. do you think moses liked it?! ^^
IMG_7383 IMG_7385
^^ mr. big boy is insiting to stand all the time these days. here he is sooo proud of having pulled himself up to his feet in his crib! ^^
^^ flower box season is here!!! hoooooray! my favourite thing about london. ^^
^^ i captured moses’s curious face. ^^
IMG_7465 IMG_1719IMG_1728

have a great day, friends!


  1. When you say you and Ian are working on your marriage, what does that mean? Reading marriage books, talking more? My husband and I try to improve our relationship all the time. I'm wondering what that means for you.

  2. Mo is so, so sweet with that toothy grin of his! Makes me so excited to meet our son in October!

  3. Are you sure that's just Moses' bed head? And that he's not preparing to audition for a Flock of Seagulls tribute band? It looks questionable to me...

  4. Love the pics of Mo, and you guys too :)

  5. Your little Mo is absolutely of him always make me smile!

  6. Moses is so cute.

    I especially love the pix of him covered in cream.:)

    I love that you're enjoying the British tradition of strawberries & cream - & many others.

    1. Not necessarily British. We eat both as well in Germany. :-)

  7. Oh my goodness! That strawberry and cream smile takes the cake!!


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