a first birthday party for moses!


last saturday we celebrated moses’s upcoming first birthday with a crowd of our awesome londoner friends!

we gathered in a park near our flat (the same place we had our gender reveal party last february!) and ate ice cream cones, cheered kids on as they whacked open a piñata, chatted, laughed, and partied hard. it was a pretty epic afternoon full of friends and festivity.

we will be in texas (at grandma and grandpa’s house!) on moses’s actual birthday this coming sunday, so it was really great to gather with a big bunch of our london friends and celebrate together. ian and i (and moses!) are so grateful for all the wonderful people in our life here in this city (including those who couldn’t come to the party or didn’t make it into the photo above!). we are sure lucky to have a lot of amazing examples and growing friendships in work, church, and life.

and little mo is lucky to have loads of pals and admirers :) 

IMG_2019 IMG_2026
^^ moses wasn’t entirely sure what was going on at the beginning of his party… ^^

IMG_2062 IMG_2064IMG_2069 IMG_2071
^^ but once he got his first taste of ice cream, he knew this was all about a verrrry happy occasion! ^^
IMG_2087IMG_2051 IMG_2054IMG_2131
^^ ian really packed that pinata so it was incredibly hard to crack, and three sticks were broken in the process, haha! at last the biggest of the kids at the party bust it open and treats abounded! ^^
^^ i’m not sure what’s going on in this photo, but it’s so happy and colourful! ^^
IMG_2139IMG_2150 IMG_2153 IMG_2152
^^ we’ve been pretty strict about not giving moses any sweets so far, but at his birthday party we decided to let him have at it with the ice cream :) he was pretty into it. ^^
IMG_2093 IMG_2162.JPG
^^ always wanting to stand up! i wonder if he’ll be walking by the time we get back to london from our trip to the usa?! ^^
^^ mo with sweet friends, a few of whom arrived after we snapped the group picture! aren’t these kiddos the cutest?! ^^
^^ after the party we opened presents at home. we told our guests they definitely didn’t need to bring gifts, but a few did anyway. little mo didn’t complain about that! ;) he mostly got new books, which we were all thrilled about! ^^

i can’t believe our little baby is almost a one year old. we love him soooooooo much and we all three had such a blast at his london birthday party! thanks for celebrating with us, friends!!


  1. In Germany, it's bad luck to pre-celebrate someone's birthday and especially pre-congratulate. Good thing you're making it up by another two (?) celebrations!

  2. I had a blast, thanks so much! xxxx

  3. What an amazing gathering of friends from every walk of life! Kuddos for combining life styles and beliefs and backgrounds to create such a "delicious dish"! That kids is beyond cute! :)


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