faroe islands: mykines

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we spent most of our second day in the faroes on the island of mykines, which is only accessible via ferry boat or helicopter. there’s a tiny little village (population of about a dozen in the winter and a few dozen in the summer) snuggled in among mykines’ cliffs and a lighthouse at the westernmost tip of the island. we rode the ferry from vagar island and hiked along the stunning, stunning ridges to the lighthouse. we lucked out with visability (there can be lots of fog in the faroe islands) and were gobsmacked by beauty the entire day. the kids were total champs and it was all a pretty epic adventure.
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the ferry ride was pretty amazing. moses slept in the carrier while we stood on the deck and took in the views. we passed lots of typical faroese villages like this one ^^ (always a waterfall running through among the colourful houses and green, green grass)…
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^^ and passed by some pretty striking small islands along the way. ^^
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^^ approaching mykines island. ^^
^^ the tiny village of mykines. with a turfed-roof church in the middle, of course! ^^
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we began our hike not really knowing what to expect and it was pretty wild and pretty awesome.
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IMG_3753 IMG_3803
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there are millions (!) of puffins in the faroe islands (particularly mykines) in the summer. we caught just the end of the high season, and saw lots of these cute little birds (and tons of the little holes that they live in). ^^
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and, there were a lot of sheep. there are significantly more sheep in the faroe islands than there are humans! we were amazed by how some sheep were perched in incredulously perilous spots along the cliffs!
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^^ you really have got to love this spunky girl! ^^
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London-Faroe 2017-725 London-Faroe 2017-732
we got quite a few looks of bewilderment when fellow hikers saw us with three small kids. moses, zara, and dean all did so great on this long hike.
^^ at our destination. there’s no pictures or words that could show or describe the awesome beauty and grandeur of this spot. i was just blown away – the sweeping vistas genuinely had me breathless and a little teary-eyed! ^^
IMG_3828 IMG_9371
^^ puffins, and crazy paths. ^^
^^ on our way back to the village to catch the ferry back to vagar. ^^
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^^ meet princess celestia, zara’s my little pony. it was this magical creature, always kept in a pocket or (more often) in a clenched hand, that got zara through the hard bits of the hike. we couldn’t have done this without her! ^^
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^^ deanie taking a little nap on the return hike :) ^^
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^^ final descent back to the village. ^^
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^^ zara and dean were overjoyed to get to stop hiking and instead sit down and throw rocks or run around the uber-quaint streets of the village. ^^
IMG_3849 IMG_3901
^^ and after we got back on the ferry, one exhausted little four year old conked right out :) ^^
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what a day on mykines! loads of otherworldly beauty, a bit of challenge and tons of fun.
faroe islands pictures to be continued…


  1. So beautiful! I am always amazed at how mountain goats and sheep manage to get in the precarious places they do - and without fingers and toes!!! Zara is such a cutie and a trooper. Good think she had Celestia. Haha! Thanks for sharing this adventure.


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