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we just got internet up and running in our new flat – hooray!! i’ve had this post drafted since 1 november, and now i can finally publish it :)

we had a pretty happy halloween around here … but i am determined to go all-out for this holiday next year, because it kind of got lost in our move this time around. luckily we had a costume all set for moses a couple of months in advance – a friend lent us the darlingest lion suit! little mo worked on his “rawr” all through october and was pretty stoked to see himself in the mirror when i got him suited up last tuesday afternoon. unfortunately baby boy had been battling a very snotty head cold since our move, but he still got pretty into the spooky charm of the holiday, and loved the special treat of eating some candy.

halloween isn’t a very big deal here in england. and among those who celebrate, there’s much more emphasis on the “scary” aspect and less on the cute/fun/friendly aspect. but i feel like every year more and more people are getting into it, and in certain neighborhoods of london there is great trick-or-treating. i’m really looking forward to next year when moses understands it all a bit more, and i’m less occupied with moving :)

on monday night, the day before halloween, we carved pumpkins as a family. moses loved the guts inside each gourd!


and here’s way too many photos of (puffy-eyed, a-little-under-the-weather) moses in his lion costume. i just couldn’t narrow them down any further, haha. a few people walked by our stoop as i was snapping these and they were absolutely delighted to see this cutie.

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^^ let’s face it: the majority of the pictures i took of moses that afternoon looked like this – homeboy can hardly ever stop moving and shaking! ^^
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^^ saying hi to some passer-bys, and pointing out something very interesting down the street. ^^
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^^ just appeasing his adoring fans with a double wave, haha! ^^
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^^ on our way to meet friends for moses’s first time trick-or-treating! ^^

the neighborhood just north of high street kensington really goes all out for halloween. there were some spectacular decorations and huge crowds of dressed-up kids with their parents. the atmosphere was super fun and moses and i loved going house to house with some of our friends (sadly, ian couldn’t leave work early enough to join us). on our walk home, mo and i realized that our own neighborhood had nearly as many fantastic decorated houses, and less than half the crowds! so next year we’ll trick-or-treat right around here.

IMG_0127 IMG_0131
^^ love these little friends! and moses loved that little lollipop :) ^^

happy belated halloween from moses the lion!
(ps. check out baby moses’s halloween costume from last year – i don’t think i can ever beat that!)


  1. Oh my goodness my heart is melting! So cute! I'm so glad some people in London get into Halloween, those decorations are so fun! I can't wait to take Sophie trick or treating next year :)

  2. ah, the waving strangers is the cutest thing!

  3. This is a spectacular child. Precious moments in that little one-year-old's life!


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