things i like about my life right now, part 9

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i’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. of course this is because thanksgiving is coming right up, but also just because i have been searching for solutions for certain challenges in my life, and thankfulness seems to keep arising as the answer. and so, when i find myself starting to feel worried or comparing or blue, i am trying to thank god more, show more appreciation to ian, and just cultivate more gratitude in my heart … because wow!! i have so much to be thankful for. 

today i was walking with moses down the broad avenue that cuts through kensington gardens, and the world around us was glowing with autumn gold. and i just had one of those moments where i felt so overwhelmingly grateful for the beautiful life that i lead. i wrote ian an email at work and thanked him for helping so many of my dreams come true, and for giving me a family and a home that i adore, and in my heart i poured out thanks to god for all the joys and challenges and wonders of my day-to-day life. do you ever have those stop-in-your-tracks moments of deep “holy cow, life is beautiful” realizations? i was really glad to have one today.  

then i remembered how i used to keep a list of “happy things” in a notebook that i kept on my bedside table as a teenager, and how i used to write blog posts with simple lists of things i liked about my life. and i figured i was due for another post like that, in my efforts to be more actively grateful.

so here’s a quick run-down on a random friday night...

-i like that there is a beautiful tree outside our bedroom window, that right now simultaneously has tiny pink budding flowers and rich golden leaves on its branches (not sure if the tree is confused about seasons, or what!). i like looking at that tree, and below it into the super pretty garden that our downstairs neighbors keep. 

-i like that moses signs “i love you” (by rubbing his hand over his heart) whenever i lay him down in his crib to sleep. 

-i like that i’ve been trying new/fun/unusual recipes (thanks to a new food delivery service we caught a 50% deal off on recently).

-i like that, often, ian snuggles up to me and holds me in the middle of the night. and i really like that moses has been sleeping until 7:30 lately (usually he’s up between 6 and 6:30!). 

-i like that i am building deeper friendships with friends here in london.

-i like that, today, moses approached me while cleaning the kitchen with his coat in his hand and his big eyes looking up at me as if to say, please can we go outside again before it gets dark?; that we were able to hold hands and walk just across the street to the gardens for residents on our street; and that i could just watch with joyful wonder as my little son walked around the grass and the trees jabbering with glee.

-i like that there is both autumnal magic and christmas magic in my life right now, and that london just does such a good job at both! 

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-i like that i have been planning my days ahead of time and filling them with outings and checking off to do lists and relationship building. 

-i like this one super soft gray sweater that i literally wear every single day (at least around our flat!) and i like making a cup of herbal tea in my tiny kitchen. 

-i like that i can watch ian bike home on the find friends app, and then, when i see he is close, take moses to the front window to watch for dada. 

-i like that we now get to walk to church - through really beautiful streets and in only twelve or so minutes! 

-i like living in london. a lot. more than ever before. 

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-i like telling ian about my day over dinner, and hearing about his day. i like sharing my life with my best friend. 

-i like feeling the flutterings of a teeny tiny baby moving inside of me! 

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have a great (and grateful) weekend, friends!


  1. Thank you for inspiring me to write a note of gratitude to my husband. Mine was a short text since our 9 month old son is asleep in my arms but the sentiment was there.

  2. Charity, gratitude has been playing over and over in my head as well--in fact I have a toilet room wherein on the wall I wrote a bunch of quotes about gratitude on my wall. Some from the scriptures and some from the book on thankfulness from your parents. The lights are gorgeous! --M

    1. Just curious, what's a toilet room?

    2. julie, i think it's just a room with a toilet in it :)

  3. This is great.

    I think the trees in November look even better than in October. At the moment where I live (Nr Reading, Berks) there's a blaze of autumn colours & I thank Heavenly Father for my sight so that I can see them. (I often think of your niece Lucy when I thank Him for my sight. x)

    Even tho there are many trials in this life there is also much beauty & I am so grateful for that.

    By the way, I LOVE the dark evenings. To me, it feels so cosy & it makes me love autumn even more.

  4. A lovely post. I enjoy your posts about marriage very much....even as one celebrating 35 years tomorrow!

  5. Charity, LOVE this post. I, too, have been facing some challenges lately and have been searching for ways to process and handle them. This post is exactly what I needed to hear to be reminded about the importance and blessings that living in gratitude brings. This post is such a great reminder to begin each day with a grateful heart! Thanks for sharing this post!

  6. What a great post! I read a week or so ago that complaining is the voice of ingratitude. that has really made me stop and contemplate what I am really happy and grateful for in my life. I love the idea of a "happy journal". Might be a Christmas gift for some family members!!

    1. i love that - "complaining is the voice of ingratitude." i'm going to think about that whenever i complain OR compare.


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